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Anyone familiar with employement law?

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2005 4:58 pm
by Griffin
I recently applied for a great job, Lead Police Officer, for the Department of the Army. I was offered the position for which I applied and started making plans and preperations to move over 2000 miles in order to take this position. But today, while talking on the phone with the security devision, I learned that the person who "offered" me the job, wasn't authorized to make the offer. In fact, the security division didn't even have my paperwork.
Now, it says on the military personnel site, "answer," where federal employees keep track of the status of their applications, the following, "2005-04-25 - You have accepted a definite offer for this position".
My question is, does the phrase, "definite offer for this position," mean this position is legally mine if I want it or can they retract the offer for any reason.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 11:56 pm
by -Metablade-
I am no expert on labor law, but three things I would look at are:

1. Do you live in a state or is the state of employment an "At Will" state?

2. Did you physically sign an offer letter which you have in your hands at this time? (If no, you may be out of luck.)

3. The Military being what it is, I am not surprised at your issue at all. I would try a tactful and professional approach with the parties involved to try and resolve the issue one way or the other. You may get the results you want that way rather that going the "Legal" route. It might take more headache and time, but one thing I've learned about the Military, is that customer service, ethical and business-like courtesies, and sympathy for promises broken generally do not exist in the vernacular.
Personally, I would never choose to work for the Military again.