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Wierd terrorist patern?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:27 am
by AAAhmed46
We may disaggree on Iraq or Bush or other issues, but one thing everyone agrees on is that no one likes osama and his buddies.
So i dont expect us to start argueing about this, because its pretty much a given.

I picked up a book in the libraryEDIT:Book store to be accurate., if I see it again ill give you the name and you guys can take a look at it. The author is arab, so he was able to actually talk to actual fundamentalist's in detail, he even talked with some leaders(no, not fundamentalists in north america or isreal) But basically, it talks about how poverty is a cause of terrorism. But not normal poverty. Most poor uneducated muslims are not as angry as the educated poor muslims who remember better times, and become nuts. And even then, its the young men who have always never fit in. Unusual individuals who dont have many friends and are sentimental, and are given an excuse to be angry, and are given a sort of acceptance. It was a really cool look at socialogical stuff. How they know who is who is beyond me, so maybe ill take a better look.

EDIT: The thing about this book is that, it doesnt focus on blaming the west, or even culture. It talks from a government-economic view point....atleast from what ive read. I read two chapters, but didnt have money to buy it.

But i noticed, 9/11 was carried out by well off saudi guys.

Whats up with that. Anyone got any theories on that?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 4:15 pm
by Bill Glasheen
But i noticed, 9/11 was carried out by well off saudi guys.

Whats up with that. Anyone got any theories on that?

In a word, Wahhabism.

- Bill

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:17 am
by AAAhmed46
oh, i know about Wahhabism, hell the damage they have done is beyond repair to the muslims world, and this is BEFORE anti-western terrorism(distruction of religious shrines, promoting devision between sunni and shia, using hadith that is frowned upon by every islamic scholar in the world which is where they get the "woman cant drive" thing). Going for hajj(pilgrimage) is a right in islam, and the only thing they should pay for is the cost of transportation. But the wahabi(i cant spell it but i can pernounce it better then you!!) charge 6000 or even 10 000 for hajj. My dad went to hajj once, and it took a while to re-earn that money back. Its really really sad.
But..that cant be it. Wahhabism has always been used for the saudi government to hold on to power. There has to be something else. Me and rick had an interesting conversation about whether or not it is human nature to question. He presented a powerful arguement against human's ability to question. So okay, maybe these guys did not question, if so, then why anti-western sentiment? These saudi royal family makes it's bread and butter on good relations with the west. So essentially, these young saudi nobleman(only the "nobility" are what you would call saudi's) are essentially, going against what thier mothers and fathers are teaching them. I guess this statement however, is too vague. Id go more into this but....i gotta go.
Okay, now im expanding.

Before 9/11 saudi's were always pro-american, but also really anti-west.
Nobility and kingship is actually contrary to islamic law through out history, many many clerics were killed, impressoned, tortured. Because they were telling people that essentially, that your religion does not tolerate kingship. (saudi's claim to rule by islamic law. My ass! :roll: )
Wahhabism, if you think about it, has many elements of sunni islam(taken to the extreme if you have not noticed) essentially, i dont think there is any way for them to justify they government. But they do!

To sum up my entire stupid rant: Can wahhabism be called a religion? Or a form of control?

Then again, that can be said about all faiths i guess.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:28 am
by AAAhmed46
In a word, Wahhabism .

Oh to make reference to your post.......
I knew that answer, yet it did not come to mind until you brought it up! The way my head is!
All i needed was to see that!