Bikers defend fallen soilders against Christian Extremists

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Can you really bridge the gap between reality and training? Between traditional karate and real world encounters? Absolutely, we will address in this forum why this transition is necessary and critical for survival, and provide suggestions on how to do this correctly. So come in and feel welcomed, but leave your egos at the door!

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Postby Stryke » Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:54 pm


we used to refer to Harley riders as Chromosexuals

the fact that the only folks that could afford them were in that certain bracket , had to have every accessory under the sun , Harley everything from boots and helmets to sunglasses watches etc :)

so far detached from the image of old .

style over substance ?

Great machines no doubt though 8)

Postby IJ » Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:56 pm

Phelps is just Marilyn Manson, he's crazy and he wants attention. In his case it's because he's filled with hate rather than out to make a smart buck off of controversy. Smart people have turned his protests into fundraisers. You get people to donate by the number of hours he protests... he works against himself, free speech is protected, and everyone is happy. I suspect his sad church will peter out when he moves on....
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