video of Flight 77 released.

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Postby bustr » Fri May 19, 2006 7:57 am

IJ wrote:Ok I'm confused. What are we discussing? Apparently there are all these things that the republicans did, and also, they simultaneously planted the stories that they did these things. So they are guilty of doing them and pretending to do them at once?

Read the article. The tactic is called poisoning the well.

IJ wrote:The planes hit the buildings, yes? Aren't those people dead? Are we really to believe that we're partnered with OBL who agreed to pretend to be a great scapegoat? And if so, why would he? He's rich already and he hates us... how could both Bush and OBL believe that a war in the mideast could be won by both?

He may not have agreed to it. His family has supposedly picked up a bunch of contracts in return for his being used as a scapegoat though.

And if so, why would he?

Why does george h w bush sit on the board of directors of the carlyle group? Why are people like Bill Gates and Donald Trump still active in the business world? All of these guys could retire and live comfortably. Why? Because no amount of money is ever enough to satisfy these megalomaniacs. Bush and Bin Laden are psychopaths. They crave money and power the same way a junkie craves heroine. They can't enjoy their earnings. These people care nothing about their families or even simple pleasures in life. They only feel normal when they are expanding their empires.
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Postby -Metablade- » Sat May 20, 2006 7:24 am

We are discussing the overwhelming evidence which points to the distinct possibility of 911 being an engineered event to make a select few even more filthy rich, put a certain presidential familiy in total power, and set the stage for world domination.

Watch the video.
There's a lot of events in it I can explain to have alternate outcomes other than what is being proposed, but there are some events which clearly the maths show makes no perfect sense.
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Postby IJ » Sat May 20, 2006 7:13 pm

An earlier response vanished. In brief:

OBL is a scapegoat, a patsy perhaps, and he's also a megalomaniac maastermind. Check.

GWB engineered 9/11 so he could have his war in Iraq, which wasn't connected to 9/11, and which he could have had anyway, appeasing his minions in the military industrial complex and sinking us into orwellian dystopia WITHOUT swapping plans about and creating this incredibly complicated plot. Check.
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