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Exaggerated Rape Stats (Are Useful to make women afraid)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:30 pm
by Akil Todd Harvey

It turns out the University of California at Davis over-reported (or exaggerated or outright lied about how many rapes occurred on campus in the last three years).

As martial artists, I can safely assume that most of you would love to see the number of rapes of women decrease and women feel a little safer in their lives. I would even like to see the sexual assaults of men be of as great interest to folks as the sexual assaults of women.

Some, it seems, benefit from outright lying and exaggerating the number of rapes that occur in any given year.

Budgets are awarded based upon ACCURATE reporting of crime statistics. Since these funds are coming from the feds and the reports are made to the feds, this fabrication is, in fact, a breach of federal law and morally despicable.

men and women have a great responsibility to stop the exaggeration and lies about rape that make men seem worse than they are and that make women feel less safe than they really are.

I thought only misogynists lied about rape statistics. I guess misandrists can also lie about rape stats (women can do everything a man can do). ... so?id=9254

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to give timely warnings of certain crimes that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees; provide statements of security policy; and keep annual statistics for certain crimes reported on and adjacent to their campuses, their off-campus properties, and the properties of registered student organizations.

Universities and colleges report the information to the U.S. Department of Education and must also make the policy statements and annual statistics available each fall to current and prospective students and employees. The legislation was first enacted in 1990 as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act; in 1998 it was renamed in memory of a freshman who was killed in her dorm room at Lehigh University in 1986.