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Re: KISS when on the ground

Postby Art Rabesa » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:00 am

When doing the ground striking section of the Uechi Ryu Summer Camp seminar. I hope I brought KISS to the fore front. When you're tangled up with someone on the ground, trying to get fancy will get you to the ICU. Movements are real tight and quick. You have to depend on getting that strike pin pointed to an exact area. That is why the closed hand is not a good plan. That is why I prefer the one knuckle and ulna -- radius strikes. These will bring severe pain to that guy you're rolling around with. They have a real good chance of putting him out too. The elbow is still another strike I like on the ground. This must really be practiced to be able to drive the point of the elbow deep. Hand position is the absolute key to all this. You can see how these few strikes tend to be so important. Simple strikes, but they still need lots of attention. I like to use the 100 pound heavy bag in practicing ground strikes. Get over and under the bag and practice your hand position and these ground strikes. Remember what I keep stating about strikes in general. "Strikes you do on your feet can be done on the ground as well". They just have to be modified slightly. Check the lesson video on "Art's Lesson" from the Summer Camp. It will bring out my points here. -----Happy Trails -----Art
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