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I have met many people over these many years that have had to give up their training. Give up their training because their dojo closed. Why it closed is not the issue. There may be other martial arts around, but no Uechi Ryu. So, you try another system or take up racket ball. I have had people travel many miles to train with me because their instructor left town. Sometimes there might be a Uechi school within a reasonable driving distance. However, there are those that are stuck in an area with no Uechi school in their entire state. With today's technology, one can get some discs or video's to help. We all know how difficult that can be. There are areas that have a Uechi school in every town. I have no really good solution to this situation. I meet those at Uechi outings that have lost their dojo. They have all the books and videos and DVD's they can get their hands on, including mine. I feel sorry for them because they really want to train. I wish we had traveling teachers that could reach these students, but that would be almost impossible. Maybe someone has an answer , but maybe there is no solution. -----Happy Trails ----Art
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