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I posted this on Megan Lieff's forum in 2014. In keeping things simple, I look at students the same. I'm a big fan of females in the martial arts. As I state in the post, I've had many females in my dojo. They were treated the same as the men. They trained just as hard as the men, and were just as tough. The senior women held a firm position in my school. Respect was, and still is, a big thing with me. I will not tolerate disrespect. If I detected any in the class, I handled it right away. The disrespectful student would quickly have me as his partner. Nothing was said ---it didn't have to. There are quite a few senior women in our New England area. They're very respected by everyone, especially me. I train a small hand picked group of students. After all these years ---- I just want a small group to teach. It's by invitation only. Two are females. A grandmother and a high school junior. Keep on keeping on. -----Happy Trails-----Art
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