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Creating Overall Balance With the Seasons

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:40 am
by saterraji
I my last post re: GEM's Dupuytrens issue, the one very important and relevant factor I left out...and not necessarily unintentional was the concept of "Constitutional Typing".

What is it?

This overall energetic understanding goes back to the "Shu Wen and Ling Shu" written in 265BC as a collection of treatises by fifty Traditional Oriental Medicine practitioners. A conversation with Chih Po and the Yellow Emperor which offered timeless information regarding the seasons, our emotions, environmental factors, (meteorological factors) and the five elements...(wood, fire, earth, metal and water). This information is distilled down to three constitutional types: Metal Excess, Earth Excess and Water Excess.

Through the utilization of a combination of abdominal and pulse assessment and treatment, one can be redirected into overall energetic balance, giving true opportunities for optimal healing to occur.

Much More To Come!!

How to Prepare for the Autumn Energies

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:10 pm
by saterraji
This is the beginning of what many call the cold and flu season...Ever wonder why??? The simple fact, this is the time of migration, as is the spring, the two times of the year called" cold and flu season". So we remember the last couple of years how we have been marketed against getting the H1N1 Bird Flu? Utterly ridiculous!!! The flu is always carried by the migrating birds!!!! And, it is always there... never disappearing after Christmas or Easter. This is also the time we eat and drink too much and probably not the most appropriate things, so placing strain on our immune systems.

The #1 world-wide selling homeopathic formula for the flu is sold by the French homeopathic company Bioron and the remedy is called: "Occillacoccinum" pronounced:(auk cilla cox eyenum) is made from the desicated organs of the heart and liver of a duck!! Why?? You ask...
The reason is 98% of all strains of the flu vrius are carried and can be found in the heart and liver of a duck!!! So it makes perfect sense to take a remedy created from a substance which holds the pathogenic frequencies of the "critters" you are attempting to irradicate from your "vehicle".

The other most important point is the Autumn time, as the spring, offers a hightened time of wind and change, so in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) this is the perfect time to be "invaded" by the external pernicious influence of "WIND". The invasion of wind can hit the lungs and cause a cold or fever which can be "taken out" by acupuncture and herbs...specifically Yin Chiao and Gan Mao Ling. The quick fix: Cover your neck!! The wind invasion points "feng" points are found at the base of the neck and traps...keep these areas covered in the wind and cold esp. after a good sweaty workout and you will remain protected from the EVIL PERNICIOUS WIND!!

Incidently, the Gan Mao Ling formula was the traditional Chinese Herbal combination offered up to treat the H1N1 flu virus which almost cost Dr. Andrew Wyle, MD his medical license....naughty naughty naughty...he was not prescribing under the guidelines of his FDA license..."under the standard of care"...need I say more.

Anyway, remain protected from the cold and flu by taking Yin Chiao and Gan Mao Ling at the first signs of the sniffles or chills....Happy Autumn Everyone!