Alkalize or Die! II

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Alkalize or Die! II

Postby gmattson » Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:26 am

Tuned into the last half of a very interesting movie today called: "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" made in 2007.

Young former actress had contracted "incurable" cancer and decided to document her battle with the disease. I became interested once I learned that one of the alternative practitioners she went to once the doctors gave up on her, believed that there was only one cancer. . . and it could be treated by alkalizing an over acid system. (my description of a much more detailed diagnosis by the PhD practitioner)

Bottom line. Before the treatment, consisting of foods designed to alkalize her system which included 4oz of wheat grass juice a day, her doctor said her condition was getting worse and there was nothing he could do to help and after a few months of the diet and after the usual scans/xrays, was pleasantly surprised and pleased to announce she was in remission and the cancers had shrunk. Hmmmm....

I'm surprised he didn't ask her what she had done that was different since her earlier sessions with him, but I guess that wasn't of much interest nor something he would recommend to other cancer patients.

The film ended in 2007, (years after the initial diagnosis and proclamation that she was going to die) with the statement by the woman stating that she was in full remission.
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Postby IJ » Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:43 am

Skimming her site and the Wiki entry, I wasn't able to find a recent update. I'd be curious to see how she did. I would also LOVE to know if she actually "alkalized." Wheatgrass and veggies contain tons of potentially active ingredients. For reasons explained in the other thread, on the other hand, it is very unlikely she changed her pH (although I'm sure measures of her acid base status and urine pH if not blood pH were recorded by her doctor--were they in the film??). Of note, she apparently didn't pound down the sodium bicarbonate, which would have alkalized her most directly but without all that healthy lifestyle stuff.

Two other things to mention:

Some people make an immune response to their cancer and suddenly improve. The reasons are poorly understood but perhaps most applicable to melanoma, where immunotherapy is now yielding big progress against an otherwise terrible disease. This might happen with or without wheatgrass, or maybe there is something in there that helps.

Other things happen for no clear reason now but we see why later. A woman described in a JAMA piece rejected chemo for acute promyelocytic leukemia. She shoulda died quickly but embarked on a diet heavy in veggies, so much so she turned orange from the beta carotene. Later it was learned that ATRA, all transretinoic acid, a form of vitamin A, induces normality in these specific cancer cells and features prominently in chemo nowadays. She just got lucky and stumbled on it by accident. She lived far, far longer than expected.
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Postby IJ » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:13 am

I've been looking for updates on this woman's progress since the video and haven't found anything concrete, so ideas welcome. Additionally, googling the work leads to a lot of references on alkalinizing therapies, such as this:

this page is chock full of insane theories: that cancer is the body's way of locking acid away from the rest of cells; that fat is also an acid repository and a symptom of acid pH; that underweight is as well (go figure!) because it reflects the consumption of food by acid loving fungal colonizers.

It's all fully without any logical or evidence based foundation. And yet what's at the bottom? The chart is interesting to review. It's basically exactly what the China Diet author would advise, very nearly to the letter. I imagine anyone who can turn on their computer and comes at this without an agenda recognizes that listing strongly acidic lemons, limes, and tomatoes as "alkaline foods" is completely absurd. BUT, they're healthy.

They have the advice correct (at least as pertains to food, and some would argue, but it would be a very healthy diet, if not perfect), and the underlying science is totally off.
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