Blood Pressure issues. . .

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Blood Pressure issues. . .

Postby gmattson » Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:01 pm

I am not a fan of helping my patients maintain normal blood pressure synthetically. I consider that as a last resort.
Mainstream medicine has no faith in your body, its native ability to heal itself, or natural solutions.
That's why today I want to show you three ways to help you maintain healthy blood pressure naturally.
One will reprogram your body to immediately keep your blood pressure in the normal range. Another is an overlooked herb with hidden blood pressure benefits. And the third is a plant nutrient you’ve probably never heard of that could keep your blood pressure normal.

1) The first natural way you can help your blood pressure almost immediately is by using my P.A.C.E. program.
Here’s what happened to people’s blood pressure after they joined the P.A.C.E. Study Group we designed to look at the effectiveness of my PACE Express DVD workout program:

Their blood pressure started to drop right away, as soon as they started P.A.C.E., and it proceeded through the entire study.

The beauty of P.A.C.E. is you can start at any level of conditioning, apply the progressivity of P.A.C.E. to whatever workout you do, and you'll see fast results.

2) The second way to maintain normal blood pressure is with a tiny herb you probably don’t notice, but has big benefits.
It’s parsley, which is a natural diuretic. It works by making you urinate more, and increasing the amount of sodium in your urine, keeping your blood pressure firmly within the normal range. It does this completely naturally, none of the side effects you might get synthetically.

One study called it one of the “most promising” natural diuretics.

1 And a report by the European Food Safety Authority recommended the herb and its root for diuretic purposes.
It’s also a natural antiplatelet. It keeps your blood from clogging and clotting, so you can maintain normal flow and pressure. In an animal study, extracts of the herb were able to stop clots from forming and make blood platelets act normally.
2.You can add the leaves to salads, or chew a few sprigs a day from a fresh plant.
3) The third natural blood pressure wonder I want to tell you about it is chlorogenic acid.
I’m sure you remember that the lining of your blood vessels produces the compounds that help maintain healthy blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful plant antioxidant that detoxifies and protects blood vessels specifically, so that they can allow blood to flow freely.
There are over 60 clinical trials that prove the potency of chlorogenic acid, including a new one that showed chlorogenic acid helps not only blood pressure but also maintains the health and elasticity of blood vessels.3
Two of the best sources of chlorogenic acid are pomegranates and the green coffee bean. You can get pomegranate and green coffee bean extract separately, but a better way to go for healthy blood pressure comes from my friend Dr. Michael Cutler. He offers a unique supplement that supports healthy blood pressure naturally. And one of the key ingredients is a special blend of pomegranate fruit skin and green coffee bean extracts full of this potent blood pressure helper.
These are just two of several all-natural ingredients in this formula. Ultimate BP also includes MK-7, which moves calcium out of your arteries for healthy blood circulation. And natural Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in the supplement support strong, flexible arteries.
So, if you’re looking for an effective alternative to the mainstream for healthy blood-pressure, try his potent, 100-percent-natural formula.
To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1. Wright C, Van-Buren L, Kroner C, Koning M. “Herbal medicines as diuretics: a review of the scientific evidence.” J Ethnopharmacol. 2007 Oct 8;114(1):1-31.
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