Martial Art SummerFest 2005

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Martial Art SummerFest 2005

Postby gmattson » Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:46 pm

I've been busy working on schedules and team makeup for this year's camp.

The numbers are down this year. . . not sure why, but I hope everyone will pitch in by talking up the camp at class and encouraging everyone to participate.

I've talked to students who have called me for books or information and few even knew about the camp! If students aren't on the site, the only way they will know is if their teachers speak up and get a group together to join us for the weekend.

Lots of time and energy goes into these activities and everyone who attends enjoy them and gets their batteries charged with all the new material, applications, interpretations, not to mention being able to explore other systems and methods.

How about it gang. . . how about a little support!

SummerFest Website:

Don't miss it!
Jim Maloney and I spoke today about a fantastic Friday morning seminar we will be offering as a team:

"Core Uechi" and its unappreciated applications in sport karate, realist applications such as grappling, submissions, pressure points and techniques such as spear type applications.

"Its in the system. . . It works and is most effective when the teacher understands and appreciates how the "core" system can be applied to whatever is needed."

..........................................................Jim Maloney

"I highly recommend all Uechi teachers attend this 2 1/2 hour action filled seminar. The session will break off as needed, so newer students can focus on their Uechi, at whatever skill level they are on. This is a session that will charge the teachers with renewed enthusiasm for Uechi-ryu. Don't miss it."

.......................................................George E. Mattson

20 Jul 2005 15:28

Sifu Wong Yi Mun . . .
Once again, SummerFest has been blessed with another skilled martial artist from China. This year Darrin Yee and his world famous Chinese visitor, Sifu Wong Yi Mun, 1976-77 National Grand Champion of China, will be kept busy demonstrating his expert weapon skills and his knowledge and physical expertise of many of the Chinese martial arts.

Sifu Wong is one of China’s most respected and honored Kungfu instructor, famous for his physical abilities and his amazing historical knowledge of the martial arts. Sifu Wong will be teaching the most important weapon techniques associated with each of the many weapons he’ll bring with him. Saturday evening, he and Darrin will be conducting a special demonstration during the party and will be answering questions about China M.A. and relationship to Uechi-ryu.

Many Uechi-ryu practitioners are eager to learn more about the origins of their art and Sifu Wong promises to shed some new and enlightening information about the “old” Gungfu systems that Kanbun Uechi probably studied.

Sifu Wong will also demonstrate the proper way to use weapons that will be of great help to anyone interested in either Chinese or Okinawan weapons. This is definitely one of those very special seminars you should not miss.

2005 SummerFest site
is now completely updated.

I'm sure there will be some last minute changes, as more presenters announce they will be coming and although the schedule is filled, we may make some last minute changes.

Hope you can make it.
Joe Pomfret...
Just got a call from Joe, who will be teaching his "grappling for standup martial artist" on Friday and Saturday this year. He is also going to be assisting Jim Maloney and me for the Friday 9-11:30AM traditional Uechi class. Joe is a prime example of someone who has taken his Uechi to new and spectacular levels and is eager to show these skills to all who are willing to join us "on the field" on Friday and Saturday!

Oh yes.... Joe announced that he and his wife Julianne (Julie) just had a baby boy they named "Charlie".
Raff Derderian
announced that he will be assisting in the Friday morining traditional workout from 9 - 11:30AM.

This session will be a workout consisting of the entire Uechi-ryu curriculum, coupled with the seniors discussing, demonstrating and practicing many of the applications in these kata that can be used in many of our recommended "cross training" programs.

This traditional Uechi program will be repeated every morning and afternoon throughout the Summerfest. Although we will be maintaining the usual emphasis for cross training, we will be adding a 100% Uechi focus for those who wish to gain added or new perspective from the talent present at camp by attending one or more of these Uechi seminars.

The Uechi seminars will be taught by senior members of my team and will teach to all ranks and levels of practitioners.

What a great opportunity for all.
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