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Postby Spike » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:25 pm

What do YOU consider to be a bully (there are types)?

How do you deal with each different TYPE of bully?
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Postby W.J.C. » Mon Dec 12, 2005 1:02 am

Bully. . . hmnn. . . . anybody who scares you or makes fun of you so that they can feel good.

I see that there are 2 different kinds of bullies.
1) The ones that hurt you
2) The ones that hurt your feelings
(Of course there are those who do both at the same time too)

1. To the ones that want to hurt me: I have to tell someone with some sort of authority. Now I'm not talking about being a cry-baby or a tattle-tale! I just tell the authority figure (teacher, principal, cop, you know. . ) that I've been threatened or FEEL that I've been threatened (let's face it, sometimes it's not easy to tell someone how this person is making you feel uneasy). And that I WILL defend myself!

I don't expect the "authority figure" to do much, (only if they've tried to beat me up already). But I want them to know that the other guy started it and not me. So when it comes time for me to open up a can of whoop@#s I don't get in trouble. They had their chance to protect me, If they didn't it's their fault.

2. To the ones that want to hurt my feelings" Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Feh! What nonsense! Them words be hurting big big!

The only good lesson I've learned on how to take this (AND IT'S NOT JUST IGNORE THEM!) is to figure out what should hurt and what shouldn't hurt.

Ah. .. let me explain. If I'm being made fun of for something I have no control over (big ears, glasses, things my sister does, the car my parents drive, stuff like that) I say SO WHAT! Am I supposed to somehow change these things just so you'll like me? Why would I WANT you to like me? You've already proven how uncool you are.

If I'm being picked on for a choice I've made (clothes I wear, things I do after school, stuff like that) hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. . ... the more I get picked on the harder it gets but . . . if it's something I really wanted to do . . .I don't ever want to be afraid to do the things I want to do even if I don't know how to do them.

It's hard to explain. If I wear a new coat because I think it's cool, even if other people don't think it's cool, then I will wear it.


If I wear a new coat because I think other people will think it's cool, and they don't, then that's when I feel it should hurt.

But! It's just a mistake I've made. I'll make many more. I don't know everything and I only start to feel bad about things when I think I do.

Oh, bullies who make fun of you will only do it if they see that it ticks you off. If you stand your ground they will stop soon enough because they will begin to think that they are wrong about whatever they think about whatever they're picking on you for.

Gasp. .
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hmmm bullies

Postby seisansister » Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:57 pm

8) Hey thanks for stopping by! Okay bullies.. hmm.. well i agree with the two types. But most bullies.. they make fun of you when they're depressed and aren't having a good time. I have a friend.. umm dont wanna say her name so I'll call her.. Betty lol. Okay so my friend Betty wasnt having a good time cuz her friends were all disowning her.. you could say and she felt upset and angry. when she started spazzing out on me.. i ignored her til i got really annoyed and then i asked her wut was up.

Okay so now and then im in a bad mood.. say i flunked a math test and i was very angry and upset 8O So then i take it out on ppl i dont even know just cuz it seems to take my mind off of things and help me out.

But ppl making fun of you.. well.. okay. It can be really annoying i know.. but just ignore it all and eventually they'll move on to a kid that it annoys b'c they get satisfaction out of you being mad. if theyre makin fun of you.. just be like "plz shut up, ive heard enuf." theres this girl in my grade and we hate eachother. dont remember how it started.. but it did.. and she bad talks me all the time. the other day i was at dance and she asked where my best friend was (she miseed class) and i was like "oh shes doing her hw." and she goes "well good- i hate her." well my line was "wow *her nickname that she hates* ur so mean. But im sure she hates you too... no worries. I know i do." she was shocked and she shut up. a good line, and they shud shut up. a bad line.. and theyll have more to joke about. be careful not to use karate altho it might be tempting..

good luck!

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