Fear of boredom

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Fear of boredom

Postby CANDANeh » Sun Dec 25, 2005 6:57 pm

It`s Xmas I know but everyone is doing thier thing...Xbox (my boys), programing new cell phone or occupied in some manner that is productive I`m sure.
Myself? Yep sure rather go online than watch the TV and i think 50% of time is on this site and the other 49% a google search on something most would consider useless information, The other 1%??? Hey...I ain`t dead :lol:

Long line ups are a time to feel yourself breathe...face it your last breath is likely one of your greatest struggles so enjoy each one when you can.
I go for walks to get excercise but most often stop for long periods watching the waves wash up the sand flat. I often stop and talk to "strangers" and most of the "cool" things I`ve learned from others are from those I never got thier names.
My dog often slept at my feet waiting for me to move, and no I`ve never been accussed of overworking which my boss can show you in writting. Attention Deficit Syndrome ain`t in my Gene pool, never heard of any in my Family tree.
Can do countless Wa uke and enjoy the feel of each one, can savour the need for less effort in each thrust and once in a great while scare myself when I use more energy than required.
Sanchin stepping is my speed...where are we rushing too?
looking at my report cards from Elementary school...
"Leo daydreams in class and needs to apply himself more" , " Don`t know where he goes but hope he shares it someday" (I loved that one but Mom...oh well she worried :lol:)
Fact is now I`m still the same and very often I am living my dream. Honestly, even with a job that can be considered repetive hell by many, and no U-Haul will be required to take my possessions away after I enjoyed my last breath...I`m NEVER BORED.
Enjoy who you are and remember you really only have to sleep with yourself. Which reminds me, nap time. Now the family can enjoy me snoring.

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Tia and I

Postby gmattson » Sun Dec 25, 2005 11:05 pm

agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy Leo!

Think I will take a nap after enjoying a wonderful Christmas dinner with friends.

Enjoy the holidays friend.
"Do or do not. there is no try!"
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