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Online Kyusho

Postby Evan Pantazi » Sat Jan 28, 2006 9:12 pm

Learn Kyusho - Click Here!

We are the worlds largest and most prolific website dedicated to the study of Kyusho (Vital Points, Dim Mak, Dim Hsueh, Atemi). We approach the Art and Science as one doing ongoing research in many fields of endeavor, to
bring you a true understanding of this once secret method.

Introducing... An incredible new learning experience like nothing you have ever seen....

Kyusho is taught in stepped easy to learn levels with the most advanced learning program available, utilizing cutting edge technology fused with the power of Kyusho Jitsu and in your own home.

It is built on the internationally acclaimed Kyusho International (TM) Curriculum being adopted around the world.

With each level you have the amount of information on a complete video, plus a book, plus computer graphic 3D charts to show you exactly what you are looking for.

This innovation is a 3D model that has all the points you need on it, but the point is actually interactive... click on it and the specific lesson is opened (with text, point description and an video clip of the actual point in use to show it's real possibilities)!

But this is not the end... there are special controls so that you can go from skin level, to muscle, to nerve, to bone level giving you the most comprehensive point diagram in the world!

We are on phase two of a continually updating model so as technology is available it will be added at no extra charge to you as long as your subscription is current (as well as access to all purchased levels).

Each level will always be refined and modified as this is not intended to be a stagnant program, but a constantly updated, refined and advance new learning technology.

It is even closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

This is based on University Level home study courses, but goes far beyond that... "Pointing the Way" as the World Standard in pressure point Instruction and Certification!

We welcome you as the site unfolds and offer assistance in your personal journey teaching Kyusho from experience, not theory.

Begin your learning experience now! Click the Banner at the top!


By the way it is taught so that you can introduce it into your personal style... the success is in your hands. Watch Dan Kumite with a touch of Kyusho below!

Scott Hulse of the UK - Click here!
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