sparring helmets and more

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sparring helmets and more

Postby seisansister » Fri Apr 28, 2006 7:01 pm

does anyone know if the rule has been decided yet with the karate helmets for sparring?? just curious. 8O

im almost 15.. and the other day my friend was asking me about how many ppl do karate (girls and guys) that are my age. it seems like a lot of younger kids do karate.. but not too many teenagers. i know that in the tournaments.. there used to be about 15 of us in a ring all the same age. but now we have about 4. im not sure if ppl quit or stopped going to tournaments but its a lot of ppl. most kids must lose interest before theyre my age and move onto something else.. and maybe they come back as an adult and try karate over again. a lot of adults in my class say they did it when they were kids. but not many do karate as teens. just something i was thinkin about

everybody have a great weekend!!!!! :D wish me luck at my dance competition haha :lol:

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Postby f.Channell » Sat Apr 29, 2006 1:59 am

Hey sista,

No changes in the helmets as far as I know so far.

Next event in August so get training.

Good luck at the dance competition, "err break a leg".

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