POWER, and how to get it

"The title is "Explosive Uechi-ryu" and the moderator is Arthur Rabesa. Art will be exploring the power contained in Uechi-ryu that is not appreciated by the average practitioner. Make no mistake - this forum is for the serious martial artist and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who really wants to tap his or her explosive power potential.

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POWER, and how to get it

Postby NEB » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:54 am


How does the dedicated Uechi (or any other karate) practitioner gain power?

We want to hit hard. It does no good to whack an opponent and have that blow prove to be ineffective. In terms of hojo undo, etc. what exercises can one do to contribute to their development of striking power in both hands and legs (feet)?
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Postby Art Rabesa » Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:45 pm

Everyone who trains wants more power. Some are strong to begin with. Some can hit pretty strong already. My question to these individuals is always the same. "Do you want to hit harder"? The answer is simple but difficult to obtain. You have to realize where the power is coming from. It is not coming from the limbs. I refer to it as the power base. There are a few drills that will help develop this explosion I keep talking about. I go over this topic at great detail in my web site. Check it out. I hope it helps. Happy Trails Art Rabesa
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