Pietta Black powder Arms/ soviet Mil Helicopter

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Pietta Black powder Arms/ soviet Mil Helicopter

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:26 pm


A few years back I noticed a new company trying to get into the sword market (Hanwei Paul Chen) at introductory price.

Now an Italian company, Pietta, had introduced a line of civil war and pre civill war cap and ball revolvers at low price thru the Company with which I deal, these include:

1858 Army short nad long barrel
1851 Reb. Navy short and long barrel
1860 Army.

There is a card sent with each weapon that says "All out vendors are within 50 K of our main factory". Fit and finish are excellent,, and I only mentioned what came to mind. Prices are 25 to 40% lower than a comparable Uberti replica shooting weapon. I have several items in the centerfire field for hunters which I can send to a local dealer: 1. 30-06 new condition Remington "mountain Rifle" (lightweight) 24" Barrell.

there was some talk around the time of Obama's precipitous withdrawal from Iraq about purchasing Mil Soviet made helicopter and Hind Guinship as many former members of the Iraqi Military are familiar with them. I know The Deemocrats were concerned to get our troops out of Iraq and Afganistan as soon as possible. This created a ral conundrum, we can't afford to sustain major forces in the Area "indefinitely". However, ISIL has made us pay for our preannounced set times for withdrawal. Enough residual force should have been left behind to forestall ISIL's immediate military gains at the apparent degree of ease we have seen. The Same conundrum exists with respect to Afganistan. it is certainly unwise to inform our opponent when we are going to withdraw. Are theTaliban not going to note this and act accordingly. As in Vietnam, these conflicts are a type of civil war and assymetrical war.

We are in a dangerous position. Cannot we consider withdrawing combat forces from Germany. I do not know how many are left, and we do need the Air and medical facilities at Rammstein etc..

Obama said to Putin "that if he invaded the Ukraine (already done in part in the Crimea) that he would be fighting the combined forces of the EU and the United States. " Is that what would happen? Putin is, as noted in my previous post is in the process of rebuilding Russia's Military. Could we fight them given our economic strait and the overextension of our forces and planned defense cutbacks?

I don't think so.

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