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Postby Rick Wilson » Wed Dec 30, 1998 12:54 am

This is posted on Bill’s forum to centralize the comments.

Well, I watched the video clips of Sifu Mooney doing three different actions:

1) He pushed the person over,
2) He pulled the person over,
3) He pushed/pulled the person down.

The response from the individual was very clear and definitive.

Quite frankly if he can substantiate this in a controlled test I will be very impressed.

So here is a suggestion for a test:

1) Sifu Mooney is separated from the subject by a wall. There is an X placed where the person is to stand, and an X on the wall to correspond to the subjects location.

2) A subject will stand on the X for a specified time. Sifu Mooney will have to let us know. He seemed to work very fast, but in a test he may want two or five minutes. It should be set before the test begins.

3) Once the subject has been placed, Sifu Mooney will draw a piece of paper from a hat. This paper will instruct him to either push over, pull over or push/pull down the student, or to do nothing at all. When nothing is to be done, Sifu Mooney will take himself to a place in the room where he feels that he will have no chance of influencing the subject.

4) Sifu Mooney may want to advise us of numbers but I would suggest a minimum of 50 subjects. The number of times each option is draw will be recorded until there have been 10 pushes, 10 pulls, 10 push/pull downs and 20 where nothing has been done.

5) Video tapes will record the activities on both sides of the wall.


1) A movement that equals what Sifu Mooney demonstrated on the video clips will be recorded as a "positive" result.

2) No movement equal to what Sifu Mooney demonstrated on the video clips will be recorded as a "negative" result.

3) The determination of whether the testers feel Sifu Mooney has successfully demonstrated his ability to move people will be determined by the number of "positive" results after adjustments for the chance of any similar movement. (For example if the subjects to whom Sifu Mooney did nothing do not exhibit the required movement, then there would be no adjustment. If 20 % did then he would have to have exceeded the 20% by a specific amount.)

I do not know how many he will have to be "positive" on over the percentage of chance movements. If we are looking for the movement shown on the video clips I would not expect any "chance" movements but, hey, you never know. So for me personally, if there is no movement in the 20, and he can produce that result in even 10 of the 30 I would be impressed and a believer.

Oh, yeah, the suggested test should be sent to Mr. Randi for comments and he should be invited to attend the test.

Rick Wilson


Postby Rick Wilson » Thu Dec 31, 1998 7:19 am

Good points. See Evan's forum for a reply from Sifu Mooney that sounds like this may well come off for camp.

Rick Wilson

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