3rd Regional Workout!!!

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3rd Regional Workout!!!

Postby gmattson » Thu Sep 30, 1999 1:05 am


Newton Karate would like to host the 3rd Regional workout. We thought we should clear this with you . . .

We have a large space in mind and I can reserve it for a Saturday in March, either the first or second week (February runs into School vacations). I would want to sign a contract in the next couple of weeks. Also, Michael (Aceto) wants three (3) full hours (10-1) as he has a lot of ideas on how to run the event. At least we know he can lead the exercises Image

We were just not sure how these decisions were being made, but if this was OK we would like to announce it on Saturday?

Jayne Kramer

Jayne: Although no one is officially in charge of the Regionals, I'm sure no one would object if Mike handled the third one. GEM
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3rd Regional Workout!!!

Postby T Rose » Thu Sep 30, 1999 2:31 pm

January would be a better time... Keep it quarterly, winter doldrums etc.... other than that, go for it...
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3rd Regional Workout!!!

Postby T Rose » Tue Oct 05, 1999 3:21 pm

From Bill Glasheen's forum..

Gary summed it up perfectly: in a word the regional workouts are about EXCHANGE.

Uechi ryu can be as strong as we decide to make it. It will only become stronger with your support. It is to easy to sit in your dojo and believe the fairy tales you tell each other. Get out on the floor and try out your stuff, experiment, learn, grow. For the next regional workout, I personally will be on the phone calling each dojo that participated in the first workout.
Mike Murphy, Gary Khoury, GEM, Van Canna,et. al. , all the participants in the regional workout series will work hard to have the 3rd regional workout the best yet. We promise a rich, exciting, agenda. Only the people who participate will benefit..

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3rd Regional Workout!!!

Postby mikemurphy » Wed Oct 13, 1999 2:25 am

Off topic a little bit, but I received a personal letter from Sensei Dan Gadowski the other day thanking me and my dojo for the regional workout. I know many have said thanks, but getting the personal note from Dan Sensei touched my heart. I know Dan is not on the internet, but I just wanted everyone to know that this what it is all about. Not the thanks, but the friends you meet and make along the way. I sincerely count Dan Sensei a very good friend and it is all because of the get togethers brought on by people like you out there (Gary, Tracy Sensei, and of course, George Sensei).

Thank you all for making the event and those like it a personal success!

Cya at the next event!

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