The last teachings of Mr Kwan

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The last teachings of Mr Kwan

Postby kujo219 » Thu Jan 31, 2002 4:01 am

The Last Teachings of
Master Kwan Sai Hung

A year has passed and Mr. Kwan ready to begin a new series of amazing marital and meditative arts seminars. Mark your calendars because February 16th and 17th, 2002 he will be back to share more of his secrets.

Day One

Dao Yin, Qigong and Shandong Mantis Part I

Morning Training 10 am to 1 pm -

One of the most popular parts of the seminar, the Dao Yin exercises gently warm-up the muscles and stimulate the circulation of Qi. After everyone has prepare themselves properly, Master Kwan chooses Qigong postures to be practiced. Sometimes they are done standing, other times in a sitting position.

Afternoon Training 3 pm to 6 pm -

The Mantis form can be traced to the 17th century when Emperor Ching Lung Wong ordered the Shaolin temple burned and destroyed. Only eight monks escaped and spread throughout the country. One of these “eight elders” went to Shandong province where he taught the Shaolin forms, changing them to be more compact, fierce, and direct. Practicing this form develops strong forearms and wrists.

The entire form is over 60 movements long, so each seminar will focus on part of the techniques. Shaolin animal forms mimic the animals on which they are based. The Mantis form includes many powerful, yet flexible techniques.

Day Two

Hook Swords and Crazy Demon Staff

Morning Training 10 am to 1 pm -

The Hook Swords are the perfect weapon to compliment the Mantis form. In addition, Master Kwan's tradition utilizes a more compact and therefore faster blade. This further enhances the connection and makes for a more exciting and flexible form.

Afternoon Training 3pm to 6pm -

Nicknamed "crazy" because of the unpredictable whipping and spinning of the flexible rattan staff, this form actually consists of two shorter technique sections of the complete Wudang Staff form.

This special staff set perfectly utilizes the heft and balance found only in this Chinese long weapon, and it is a great for arm and back development.

The seminars will be held on February 16th and 17th at:

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM)
Student Union - The Wisconsin Room (second floor)
2200 East Kenwood Blvd. (on the corner of Maryland and Kenwood)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For directions please refer to the map in the seminar section.

Seminar Pricing: $200 for both days (all four sessions, $160.00 for three sessions and $110 for one day or two sessions.

NOTE: $100 deposit due by January 1st, 2002 and the balance by February 1st, 2002.

To reserve a space, please call Michael Coleman at: (414) 225-9272

Please note: Practice weapons (such as wooden swords and staves) as well as natural cotton and raw silk Chinese clothing are available in this website's catalog section.

Futen Dojo 1338 East Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414)225-9272 phone (414) 225-0338 fax
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