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Postby Jackie Olsen » Sun Aug 31, 2003 4:01 pm

If we pick up the stone in unwakefull states ,its a chore etc ,or we allow our moods to religate the activity ,flow body/mind/spirit ....will miss these ongoing special moments ,as we come into wakefull states ,we can better solve any puzzle .
1 we are asleep to the principle of puzzle
2 we come awake to the principle of puzzle
3 we are stiff and can't get the puzzle on the move
4 we now apprehend flow within the puzzle
5 we now pick up the puzzle and learn to flow with it
6 we connect the puzzel
7 we solve the puzzle back to its source

Interesting, Max, that you like to do steps in waves of 7. Looking at another discussion you have this:
1[ the buildup
2[the breakthrough
3[ the experience
4[maturing the experience
5[the blueprint
6[the conflicts
7[the retrieval

Do you layer your thoughts as do the 7 steps another lay upon or work with these 7 steps? As you know, in my Native American paradigm, everything is taught on wheels - within circles. We are taught to think in circular motions, laying one wheel of teaching upon another. For instance, even though I work with 9 steps (waves of energy) ... if I just take the first 7 of my thoughts, they seem to fit with yours -- especially with step seven being Freedom (of course, I suppose anything can be made to fit with anything if the person is looking for it):

1. Focus
2. Substance
3. Form
4. Determination
5. Understanding
6. Imagination
7. Freedom
8. Pattern/Timing
9. Completion

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Postby Jackie Olsen » Sun Aug 31, 2003 4:05 pm

During the maturing period ,tounge control links up with the wordless aspect of the enlightened state ,this tounge control is laid in sanchin ,this aids the maturing principle ten fold ,the wine that is enlightenment will not leak away through incorrect use of the tounge
This is a familiar teaching of "macro-cosmic orbit" breathing that some Zen & ChiGung practitioners use in 'kidney breathing' or to improve/add to the body's original essence, if I understand correctly. The tongue is placed at the tip of the upper roof of the mouth behind the top teeth.

Although, I think you are referring to control of speech/words, the thoughts hit me this way.

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Postby maxwell ainley » Sun Aug 31, 2003 5:49 pm

Hi Jackie, This thread is creeping up like the reps one?.

At first I don't see steps of seven or layers ,or your circles that merge with mine .
But as awareness of a subject increases ,I look for seven steps or stages .It is said when the person reaches enlightenment ,it causes the universe to vibrate in seven different ways ,these seven vibrations should be felt in the microscopic .
Thats my basis ,or source.
Seven is linked to waking up ,from a universal veiwpoint ,Jackie thats really why I use it in conjunction with various seemingly different or unrelated systems .
Your 9 wave ,or wheels of layers fits or tallys as you say with the seven step .The native indian paradigm ,please tell me more if you wish ?.

The tounge position ;was for words yes, but the energy orbit is also there .

Better understanding of these matters comes into effect when you connect the tounge with step 4 the maturing process ,connections overlaps .thought layers yes .

Obviously other numbers apply ;sanchin 3 for instance ,and as we see the seven step or nine step/wave ,are wakefull points reached within the principle of three .
A understanding of the law of three is ongoing ,from the material /physical of moves to universal laws at work in the human organism ,we can wake to this with the seven /nine step ,this is basic principle I am using in these talks .

Jackie I live and breath waking up ,inside all human activity from moments of laughter to great sadness .

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Postby Jackie Olsen » Mon Sep 01, 2003 2:47 pm

Yes, the thread is creeping up a bit and seems to have reached somewhat of a conclusion, so I will close after this post -- but always feel free to start another topic :D !

If you want to know more about the paradigm I studied, please send me a Private Message via this forum or my Email. In the meantime, you may enjoy reading Seven Arrows and Lightning Bolt by Hyemeyohst Storm, which will give you much insight.

Jackie I live and breath waking up ,inside all human activity from moments of laughter to great sadness . max.
Beautiful Max ... and so do I ...
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Jackie Olsen
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