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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:22 pm
by maxwell ainley
Jackie thanks for your comments on my posts ,plus thanks for your own insights.
These topics can be difficult in ways such as you dont always no what recepetion they will bring ,I truly hope anything I have said helps in a understanding of the inner way for others .
The inner way is always ready to appear to some one ,but we can totally deny its involvment in repetition ,we have identified a doer behind any repetition ,and a certain tidying up is needed of the emotions too.
The objective is balance ,depending what specific emotion we take to our repetition ,it requires study .In my experience when involved with repetition going from a blind one through to a partial blind one and on to a aware one ,its within the blind to partial blind that any old or new negative can infiltrate our purpose ,these negatives are a part of our upward climb ,they will have our signiture attached to them ,they too need to be studied ,we need to identify what thwarts our progress ,what keeps us blind at various levels ,as we awake inside a certain level of study and involvement ,we can truly change coupled to that new understanding seen and most important understood.


PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2003 7:38 pm
by maxwell ainley
Sanchin or the three conflicts will bring us into conflict with time ,just like "The Warrior of Light", enlightenment on the other hand clears up this conflict at that level ,and gives insight into our true interaction with time .
We will never be the same old self with this experience ,quite simply our repeated activity as broken through a thick veil that cloaks our true links with our timeless nature ,extreme efforts are needed to reach this state ,in this state the way forewards is clear once again ,but this state also does not last only its knowledge transmission that old ego you refere to comes back ,just like in the "giving with the emotions "
Again its the emotions that take a battering from the crossroad situation when time is not understood by a practioner ,but we have to pass through this to truly move forewards on the inner way .
Enlightenment ;a first showing harmonize's us with the magic of the moment ,when the teacher interferes by giving a new aspect he/she takes away temporary the conflicts true purpose ,when we dont know whats going on in these matters we tramp around like bulls in a china shop ,this is a very fragile critical ,vitally important state to be in when its not reconised by a teacher ,the bull can run riot .
It needs great skill to handle this situation .

Another main reason I specialise in the foundation of nothing but sanchin is set in motion this inner conflict with time ,remember sanchin is a many sided tool and so is enlightenment .
Patience is a factor of enlightenment it links with the brain's and memories ,baby level patience is in the three to four year sanchin ,its surface level patience ,but for deep level observation ,looking into deep in grained layers in inner work patience must be expanded and come into a mature state .

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 6:24 pm
by maxwell ainley
From a purpose viewpoint on inner matters ,we are normally engulfed in our repetition mostly from surface level inner activity ,the enlightement apect mentioned is deeper layer activity .
But from a practical viewpoint a need will sooner or later arise to identify the prime movers that keep us in stalemate situations ,from the phsyical side a lot normally as been done but the prime mover behind this will be the self ,but when we enter inner ways ,we may have a faith there is something higher than self in us ,or if I keep repeating sanchin I will be enlightened ,this may be true but you would find your development as to go through a maturing period this takes time ,then you have to re-face surface /and deeper ingrained aspects that stand in the way of real further development ,faith is still needed here at that hurdel ,I thought for years I did not need faith like early on in maturing ,Okay there is great confidance in abundance .
But that faith will develop slight cracks upon going through blind/to aware on the way forwards ,these cracks were seen to be non-other than self hard at the task of spreading doubt and new types of fears .
To awaken is not easy ,nor are the repetitions we use .


PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 6:08 pm
by maxwell ainley
Basically there are really only two types of repetitions ,the first type reinforce the self in lots of different ways ,these type of repetitions are mostly always in operation ,they keep us blind to enlightenment .
Enlightenment lies behind the self .
The second type of repetitions head towards enlightenment,they will not be put off by outside influence ,the will to make the self grow is very strong ,in the first set of repetitions ,but once the repetitions become of the second type ,the real conflict starts .
Our three battles really truly begin ,the will of the self v the emerging enlightened will .
When the will of the self is fully in comand ,no matter how nice we can come over to others ,there are no conflicts ,the bulk of the training is all about the self ,his/her stake in matters ,self interest ,this is not how the second type of repetitions operate ,power is taken away from the self ,the first start on this for some one ,is to acknowledge doubt in the self as king .


PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 6:03 pm
by maxwell ainley
The second type of repetitions always start, when doubt starts to infiltrate our typical pattern of activity were the self reins supreme ,this doubt must build if any real progress is made on inner ways .
The battles aspect of sanchin are on home ground ,in this preperation build up of doubt ,normally the student as difficulty de-cyhpering his/her present build up state on doubt .
To build this doubt can take years,or if there is a special urge of intensity coming from the student/practioner ,it can be built much quicker ,its got to come into a explosive intensity,along with the repetitions .

The quickest way would if one practiced say uechi -ryu would be to abandon everything ,and just do sanchin ,I mean during the explosive build up of doubt ,please believe enlightenment a first showing is on the receiving end of that explosive doubt.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 5:50 pm
by maxwell ainley
In the doubt building method ,no attempt is made to tidy up the emotions as we have talked about on inner matters .
We instead gather all emotional energy ,and every scrap of energy a person as acsess to ,again this is a part of the explosive build up ,that accompanies that bit of doubt .
In that build up of the explosive mixture ;one prominant desire will over shadow any typical desire ,it is the desire for enlightenment .
This desire is the most potent in aiding the will power of the emerging enlightenment ,any thing else takes on half hearted characteristics ,and can be defeated en-route .
The repetitions involved inside this picture are totally different to any other area of inner study ,quite simply one is coming from dark to light ,in other words no matter how long some one as been practicing sanchin with out this knowledge they are still in the dark .

PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2003 3:49 pm
by maxwell ainley
If we acheive in inner ways a first showing of enlightenment ,it brings a lot of new information to the table ,the most important is dark against light ;quite simply it identifys that the self is not the king ,in very profound ways .
With out this, we on inner ways can still be over dosing on the self ,this experience is worth millions of words alone.
without this first showing we just cant always detect were our effects from repetitions are going .


PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2003 12:10 am
by maxwell ainley
In the enlightenment state mentioned ;mind/body/spirit are in harmony there is not even a shadow of conflict present ,all is well .
The enlightened aspect of man moves into prominant position ,but remember this is still not a perminant state ,but it becomes the blueprint or the first real inner guide that we can now base our life upon at this new level ,one other aspect accompanys this ,we open the third eye .
When the explosive mixture of doubt ,explodes the spiritual energy comes up the spinal column and into the head were it opens the third eye .This is yet another reason more time needs devoting to sanchin .
Sanchin worked upon for the correct reasons will provide the above mentioned ,we truly need that first blueprint .

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 8:58 am
by maxwell ainley
I always promote the method thats given me the most results ,in what I have stated its benefits fall between the two type ,a gradual steady method ,and what's just been talked about ,a explosive build up ,a direct way .

A good way of explanation ; is the state we are in at the time ,if the need to know is high ,the direct way may suit ,teachers make mistakes here enforcing gradual .I know for a fact gradual did not suit me ,on the other hand with results due to my explosive effort .
I dished out the same medicine , he ran off .Were gradual would have suited ,but this is not really the end ,on this subject .
Remember we arn't just talking pure physical or mental, the desire to know enlightenment ;this experience is supposed to be what sanchin can offer ,in what I am saying there is no magical carpet we can sit on and fly off to aquire it .
The task of bringing ether the gradual or the explosive direct toward enlightenment ,needs to be understood ,instead of a magic carpet I tried to show that the self trys to halt true inner growth,the explosive method blasts through this self barrier that we set up and cling to ,the task of the explosive method is similar to a probe that penetrates into given surface ,or space .the data it brings out proves the self is not king ,now we can change to a slightly more gradual way ,quite simply we have to inspect our experience .
The explosive probe of sustained repetition's as fullfilled its first use ,the first part of the process is in place ,in the jigsaw that is enlightenment a major task as been completed .

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2003 9:05 am
by maxwell ainley
Jackie I paused to let others contribute .

In my experience obtaining the first contact with the blueprint of enlightenment is a eye opener of broad magnitude ,at first we would not really say it was blueprint quite simply we are lost for words of explanation ,we are a bit like the writer who can't come up with much to convey ,what as really happened we have experienced something that was dormant all the time ,we are amazed .

In other words we have entered ,through that explosiveness another level ,the problem we face is understanding what this specific level can offer ,the most simple is we chose the method that suited our type ,also we don't quite realise this experience depending upon its depth and breadth and height will slowly diminish in intensity and then pass away ,time wise it can be weeks months ,but it passes .
The point I want to make is, it leaves a blueprint .
We are now fully aware of other possibilites available to investigation ,we will now want to make that specific state our own now ,this in its own right is a massive reason for increased repetition .

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 4:01 am
by Rick Wilson
Don’t pause Max we’re all listening intently. :)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 1:54 pm
by maxwell ainley
Rick ,thanks .
You already know I place great value on your contribution to uechi-ryu,and contributions to these forums too .I enjoy also what others bring to uechi-ryu.

Anyway the blueprint as been a special focus to me ,to repeat myself again ,at first it does not register as a blueprint at all.There is simply a immersion in it and because its so much of a shock at first ,you just don't see it as a blueprint ,that comes later on .
Remember also you have moved from one specific state to another in a dramatic way ,but in this panarama of events you carried some growth with you that gave you the right to switch from one old state ,you new quite well ,or at the time you thought you did , to a new state .later on you find out the old state was not that well know .
A universal law applys ,you have to fully realise the old state before you can truly evolve .
The slide back to the old is a horrible experience in its own right ,this happens very gradually depending upon the depth of the enlightenment ,and the strength of the self ,that is really the master of the old state we have aways lived in.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 7:33 pm
by maxwell ainley
While sliding backto the old ,a massive window appears to be shutting very gradually ,there is a attempt to cling to the experience ,even though in the enlightenment there was a total absence to cling .
But slowly it shuts or vanishes ,to try and give a run down after the dust as settled on coming to terms with its passing would be tedious .
But after a while some inspection of the old state reveals some thing as been left behind . A blueprint of the new enlightened state ,now the blueprint can be gradually scrutinized ,to do this a sort of part time retreat was required, in my case I told no one what was happening in respect of inspection of the blueprint ,I covered my tracks went quiet on subject ,and blended in with things .
To read the blueprint is really intertwined with a maturing period ,they go hand in hand ,the life of one depends upon the life of the other ,this is similar to the mind/body anology one to far ahead of the other is not good .

The blueprint of enlightenment and maturing ,a bit like the oak barrel and the wine ,they need each other ,the quality and outcomes of the taste are reflected with age,they need understanding .
This blueprint is placed inside the minds eye to envelope over the old state of individual moments that we enter ,there is sort of index to this blueprint that we become more aware of in maturing .

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:14 am
by maxwell ainley
Seeing the index to the blueprint ,is obviously aided by continuing to train ,repeat .someone stumbling upon enlightenment through sheer effort but lacking a training system could be at a serious disadvantage ,he or she would have to re-view the blueprint even if they understood its significance as a blueprint ,the effects of this could go either to slipping slowly back into old ways and the self resumes control over most every moment ,and the wakefullness becomes a distant memory ,and there is little effort to re-awaken .
The other possibility is read the blueprint and attempt to re-awaken ,a system would gradully follow that line of thought ,I mean develop one .In my case I was already in a system,okay its a fighting system ,but its underlying principles come from enlightenment .

Defend the self so it lives ,so that enlightenment stands some chance of entering the senario .
Most don't want this ,because they can't see it ,too pre-occupied with passing ways not lasting ways .
Sanchin its three battles is a test ,to either awaken and move towards lasting ways ,instead of chasing self orintated ways .
The blueprint of enlightement as had to move downwards into the old self ,this is very painfull .


PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 1:41 pm
by maxwell ainley
Freeing oneself from the rapture side of enlightenment ,just what I mean in respect of this .Is the wish ,longing to return to that ,and the slow coming to terms to move on .
Moving on we gather experience on applying our blueprint into feet that are tredding around slightly dis-orientated ,in use of the blueprint we are like the white belt ,again this is not clearly seen .
Prior to all this ,years before, my idea of enlightenment was ;a one of experience were you knew all ,that was it in a nutshell .Well it does not quite work like that at all ,and for me this was hard to swallow at first .
Okay there is knowledge attached ,or inbuilt into the experience which was the deep type ,and not the flash type ,up to now I have been throwing hand grenades at the self ,but as mentioned enlightenment as to intigrate with the self .