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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 7:27 pm
by Jackie Olsen
As Rick said, Max ... we are all listening to your very intense personal experiences in training.

Without getting too far off track, it sounds as though you are equating the study of Sanchin with pathwork done on the Tree of Life or Kaballah?

Basically, one travels up and down each path to learn lessons and find the key to open another door of learning and lessons. By paying attention to his/her body, a person is able to change/transform the body, mind and spirit. The body becomes more fluid, the mind is clearer and the spirit becomes more energized.

The person understands that at each stage there is more to learn or more truth to attain, but is unable to reach it because he/she has not fully learned the lessons of controlling his/her body and breath.

Each person has their own, as you say, blueprint, for learning. And to sum up, it is the repetition that helps us awaken from the forgetting circle to the memory one.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 11:13 pm
by maxwell ainley
Jackie posted a reply lost it ,anyway don't know much about kabballa ,but there are similar methods or paths that seem very different on the surface but after deeper involvment with your own they reflect similar direction .
In the struggle we call evolving we are dealing with the very same human problems .
Jackie you are correct the blueprint will reflect the person ,but the energies that are enlightenment are universal .
The "pathwork" you mention ,that seems to corrospond with the travel up and down the katas and the keys that unlock another a more advanced one .
The problem in all this is getting the blueprint ,as I said you can be well into uechi and never aquire it .


PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 1:12 am
by maxwell ainley
Jackie I had to rush that post ,my daughter wanted me .

you are right repetitions of a aware nature keep us out of that forgetfull circle.And this will obviously re-inforce either our path to enlightenment or the maturing of it .
Regardless of system you would have to mature the experience ,and it would improve the quality of a involvement any type of activity you could mention .
Some one say advanced in uechi -ryu experiencing enlightenment later in his or her practice would be at a major advantage in one sense ,the groundwork in skill, control etc would place him or her in a better position to integrate the knowedge .
But its really the self that stops either the young or old practioner from coming into the stream of enlightenment ,regardless of the training system,this needs carefull consideration ,the real lesson regardless is not how many katas or pathwork processes are known but getting by the self .

To do this I was totally ruthless I was in a constant do or die state the self wanted to back off quite often ,but that ruthless side to my type took over ,no mercy shown ,no pussy footing relentless assaults every day ,no let up .

But there other ways its finding the correct one to suit the type of person ,and most important keep at it ,don't let the fish of the hook ,or its a bit like the boat filling with water, keep bailling that water out ,its do or die.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 8:11 am
by maxwell ainley
Jackie in uechi-ryu we have very little information on the enlightnment process ,some will dispute it even exists ,I just happened to tap into it very early on ,I can't undo whats taken place ,it did not work on the assumption ,I had fully completed sanseirui or my sanchin was perfect ,or on its way to near perfection
I was not perfect ,but don't get me wrong there was the motive for perfection at work ,just like in lots of uechi practioners ,years ago I used to think why me ? and are there any clear cut rules why it should not be me ,or someone else .
I have tried to show there is a blueprint to follow the major experience ,dont get me wrong I do not imply its a sort of magical blueprint ,basically this is my attempt at how enlightenment works from the sanchin veiwpoint ,now thats the way I came into uechi ,this can't be altered .
My own underlying concept on the foundations of enlightenment on behalf of our system ;are defend the self so that the self lives ,so that enlightenment stands a chance of entering the senario .
When this is understood the motive for defence alters the internal mixture of what sanchin can offer ,a struggle takes place,or a main conflict sets to work ,no inner/outer conflict no enlightenment.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 12:43 am
by maxwell ainley
There must be conflict within to awaken ,if I inspect my own enlightenment experience ; there is a seeker then something is solved ,the conclusion of this was a enlightenment ,the bottam line was a battle took place .
But true to sanchin the battle raged across two areas to awaken an unknown third .In the boat anology there is a battle the incoming water trying to sink the boat and the man or woman trying to keep it afloat ,the position here is simple yet determined internal reactions present ,a battle of repetition .

But as the difficulty increases the conflict intensifys ,sanchin based conflict should stir the dormant enlightened aspect into this battle ,the major problem in this is the dormant third part does not stir if the battle is luke warm ,the inner conflict is not strong enough .


PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 6:48 pm
by maxwell ainley
In the boat analogy ,there is a battle taking place ,the self must be pushed to the brink of all possibility in the attempt to stay afloat ,in the event the dormant aspect will appear ,this would be enlightenment .
The main aspect that stops this is we constantly feed the self ,not giving any or much thought for enlightenment ,it makes sense we attempt to save ourself ,but this is were all real work on our self begins ,if the conditions are right and the inner tension is to a pitch ,the mind/ body can be in the state to break through to the enlightenment .what this means all energy is in a coiled state ,allthough there is a interplay between soft /hard in repetitions ,the inner state is coiled up ,allied to the need to know
It does not matter how many things we already know ,or katas ,techniques etc .
Sanchin repeated along similar lines will break through .


PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 9:04 pm
by maxwell ainley
One characteristic of enlightenment is the timeless state ,sanchin brought to the high pitch coiled state ,will have running in a deeper sense within this coil up a conflict with time ,the answer to this must be solved to create the breakthrough.
The timeless characteristic is a part of the blueprint.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 8:04 am
by maxwell ainley
A reason for the boat analogy;is it truly represents the critical build up attached to the breakthrough state .
In the repetitions build up in sanchin ,they go through three main phaze's ,but there are sub-divisions within this .
1[we are enjoying
2[we feel the discipline
3[we hold on to the discipline.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:38 pm
by maxwell ainley
In the critical build up on repitition ,the enjoyment part of repetition will slightly diminish each day as it reaches the explosive level .
I noticed the onset of discipline taking root more quickly ,leading to a grim and determined mindset appearing much earlier than normal in the work outs.
Jackie I always tried to keep a track of the process ,by making notes,also with the enlightenment understanding during the maturing period ,it starts to dawn on you that there is a improvement in memory ,this leads more and more to photograhpic memory development .

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 6:33 pm
by maxwell ainley
By looking inner at the blueprint,the memory improves upon this task alone .
along with typical memory absorbtion on workout material, but now the whole picture as changed ,we now have two tasks to attend to .This may appear confusing ,in one way we are digesting from sanchin as per normal ,the other is building a picture of what enlightenment is ,which will become our blueprint ,the third eye can develop within this framework .
And it can guide in sanchin training ,this dormant aspect in man/woman is waking up ,obviously to tone it up sanchin is the perfect kata to do this ,not to say the others arn't important though .
This alone gives further enthusiasm to repeat sanchin ,its not a chore something uechi-ryu insists I do .
NOTES ;1977 I now know how to broaden the experience of enlightenment in a certain sense ,observant repetition ,with the aim of becoming receptive ,the answer must be the awakening of the memories .
Years later I confirmed to myself this was the correct choice ,I knew the enlightened state was all-inclusive ,we tend to learn by focussing on seperate parts of our subject ,using only parts also of our perception ,enlightenment is different we are open and fully receptive not artifical at all .
Observation with receptivity is okay ,but its useless without understanding .

PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2003 6:52 pm
by maxwell ainley
Already mentioned enlightenment is a all-inclusive state ,in contrast to limited fragmented types we live in ,this now reveals another conflict from sanchin that I needed to get to grips with .
And this stood out in highlight ,a massive conflict ;on one hand the enlightened state ,on the other hand limited passing states .
A massive reason to give more to sanchin ;notes I need to devote more to sanchin than ever I did before ,but I need to tred careful like observation wise in this .
Its quite obvous to me now I certanly don't want this fragmented state .
The outcome was to double my whole effort's to sanchin ,at the same time conceal my real purpose from all who trained with me or new me ,they thought I was just forging a deadly set of movements .

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2003 5:39 pm
by maxwell ainley
After a good length of time ,it came to my attention I was now involved in retrieval process of a massive picture that we have buried within.
1[ the buildup
2[the breakthrough
3[ the experience
4[maturing the experience
5[the blueprint
6[the conflicts
7[the retrevial

Sanchin is also a process of retrieval,attempting to retrieve is yet another conflict .
But without the experience and the blueprint we just would have no real idea what we were attempting to retrieve from within ,we could only work within the framework of a lower level of experience in the faith or hope something higher is possible .
The creators of sanchin took this fully into account .
Even if you are 10th dan ; no breakthrough no knowledge of higher possibilities ,these are hard facts to face .
From this veiwpoint the ryu will stagnate in these directions I speak off .


PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:29 pm
by Jackie Olsen
Whew, quite a bit of insight and detail into your 7-step process, Max... thank you for sharing.

I myself apply a cycle of learning/relearning as such:

1. Focus
2. Substance
3. Form
4. Determination
5. Understanding
6. Imagination
7. Freedom
8. Pattern/Timing
9. Completion

(PS: Should you have more thoughts, may I suggest you begin a new topic. Many of us still work off slow modems and it is a little hard to load all the pages... thanks!)