Uechi-ryu Principles of Conduct!

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Uechi-ryu Principles of Conduct!

Postby gmattson » Sun May 01, 2005 5:05 pm

Remain courteous at all times.

Keep in mind that truth is relative, depending on perspective.

Maintain an open mind.

Choose words carefully. Regrets should be offered when warranted.

Do not belittle anyone for any reason.

Keep the line of discussion within the general scope of the Forum's "mission statement".

Do not criticize another style/art.

When disagreeing with an issue, substantiate the disagreement with scholarly evidence or information based on rational reasoning based on personal experience.

When expressing an opinion, offer information in support of that opinion.

Members will make all efforts to keep this forum "flame-proof".

If you would like to have a personal discussion, please do so without posting it to the group.

When an individual feels offended, send a message back to the offender only. Maintain courtesy. It may have been just a misunderstanding.

When anyone detects that a posting may have been offensive, send a message to the poster. The person may not have realized that the post was offensive.

Be courteous.

Violators of the Principles of Conduct may be given a warning from the site owner. If the problem cannot be resolved, the violator may be expelled from the individual forum and/or Banned.

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