Kumite Reaction Drill

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Kumite Reaction Drill

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The kumite we practice is very basic to begin with.

1) Attacker: Face Punch w/step forward (4 times)
Defender: High Block w/step backwards - reverse punch counter attack.
(4 times)

Then the punch height varies respectively for the following blocks; Low Block, Circle Block, & Cross Block, each done in sets of four, back and forth.

Simple as can be . . .

It becomes an interesting reaction drill for us when we add this next dimension.

The Attacker does not attack with his 2nd, 3rd, or 4th punch until the defender has hit him with the counter punch. When the attacker feels the counter punch this is his signal to explode into the next technique. This often leaves the defender in a position "too close for comfort" and forces the defender into fast repositioning and defense.

And above all, it's freakin fun . . .
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