Roy Bedard. . .

Will sparring develop bad habits? Tournament vs Reality - Myth or fact? How to get the most our of your tournament training and matches.
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Roy Bedard. . .

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Will be teaching among other things, Sparring tips:

Taken from Roy's facebook: (BTW, check out "Fests" forum for more updates)

Roy Bedard
Hi George, I'm taking suggestions!!! I've covered weapon defense, close quarter combatives, legal issues, fitness development, competition techniques, ground defense, and weapon handling in past years. I am happy to repeat some of these topics or explore new ones if the students want to discuss emerging trends.
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George Mattson
One of your sessions definitely should be "fitness development and competition techniques." I'm going to be stressing the health issue and importance for training correctly to extend practitioners' training career. Too little is emphasized on correct training in the search for the quickest way to accomplish physical goals. . . with consequences overlooked! What you do with these subjects blends perfectly into the goals of this year's SummerFest!
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