Finding Emptiness

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Finding Emptiness


I firmly believe that the two forms of "T'ai Chi" push hands, especially in its freestlye form, which, frankly provokes little interest of any duration in what, seemingly, has mutated into a Mostly Hard Uechi Ryu.

I say mostly to give me some wiggle room.

It might be enlightening to overstate that Uechi practioners -when practicing their art-have ceased to listen internally.

Is that art to soft and esoteric. Is it that Hard mostly seems necessary and effective on its own (and it does, if you want to pass a promotional)/

So what is the skill of givng no center as a target when it seems impossible and, frankly, rather out of sync with the Style's mainstream.

Their are those much better qualified than i to explain how 'push hands" is a fighting drill, when they (similarly) do do not seem willing to try and press home firmly the lesson of having your core target areas (except the poor head, of course, well, sort of,) fade away.

Bayan of the Hundred Eyes aptly put it "Attacking (in this case China) is like swinging your sword against a pile of leaves, or a silk pillow" ie: there is either nothing to focus your strike on and/or the strike is opposed with 'ultimate softness".

I will set forth the basic T'ai Chi Push hand drill, and see what you you make of it in light of these statements. However I will do this, hopefully tommorow as the hour grows late and I am, tired.

But I will be back.

Perhaps we can discuss some concept at the summerfest. I know at least one excelling T'ai Chi Practioner will be in attendance, and that person to whom I refer, is not myself.

Good Night.
"All Enlightenment Gratefully Accepted"
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