Karate and CoVID-2019

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Karate and CoVID-2019

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We have been training for this:
https://touch.facebook.com/groups/50175 ... 8788159514
My favorite is at 0:50
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Re: Karate and CoVID-2019

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he Covid-19 pandemic has entered its third year, with no end in sight, and the world is fed up to the gills. A new and even more highly transmissible variant, Omicron, has been scorching through holiday gatherings over the past couple of weeks. People who are thrice vaccinated are among the infected. Hard to believe as it seems, the start of 2022 may be even more unsettling than the beginning of 2020. history of telemedicine http://curogram.com/blog/history-of-telemedicine As we have several times over the past few years, STAT turned to Mike Ryan, head of the health emergencies program at the World Health Organization, looking for some insight about where we’ve been and where we’re heading. He and his team first learned a new virus appeared to be circulating in Hubei province, China, in the waning days of 2019, and have worked flat out since then trying to help the world navigate the worst pandemic in a century. When you deal with a highly transmissible respiratory virus you would expect the virus to go through multiple waves. We didn’t know how those waves would develop in terms of geography, temperature, seasonality, and everything else. But the history of respiratory epidemics is they do tend to go through those wave-like transmissions.
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