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How to Register to Uechi-Ryu Karate Forum

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Open the site’s home page. The URL is:

Click the “Register” link on the top-right corner.

The language may be set for British English, Spanish, or Portuguese by clicking on the language dropdown list. English is by far the most popular language in the forum. Spanish is a distant second.

Next, click the button verifying that your birthday falls before a specific date or not. This is to determine if the person registering is 13 years or older.

Read the registration terms and click the “I agree to these terms” button to continue.

Fill in the registration form.

The user name may include letters from A-Z, capital or lowercase. Space characters or numbers may be used. @ symbols and periods may be accepted but it’s not recommended using your email as user name. Do not use foreign characters (é, ä) or other special characters not shown on a typical American keyboard.

Must be at least 6 characters. Use letters and numbers. Common symbols ($, %, etc.) are optional but make the password more secure. Passwords are always case sensitive. Try to keep track of your passwords as people often misplace or forget them. A good free password organizer is LastPass.

This is necessary to confirm your account.

My timezone:
On the dropdown, pick the date and time that matches what’s displayed locally on your computer or mobile phone. It displays time in military 24 hour format. After picking the date, select the closest city on the dropdown below the date time.

The information page opens confirming that the account has been created.

Open the email’s inbox. You should receive one from gmattson.

Click the link to activate the account.

The account has been activated after several seconds, the Uechi-Ryu board opens.

Log in by clicking on the “Login” link.

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