Virtual Dojo Student Incoming

New members and old members are invited to introduce (or re-introduce) themselves to the community.
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Virtual Dojo Student Incoming

Post by Cstephens.EVO »

Long time/first time, in radio call-in vernacular.

I'm Cody Stephens, student of the Mattson Academy Virtual Dojo. A bit over two years or so in the system, though I've stalked the forum since ~1999.

Previous experience is in Isshinryu Karate for ~24 years, Muay Thai previous to it, and beginning with boxing and judo in 1988. However, my first experience with karate of Okinawa was a two-session week with a Uechi-Ryu sensei in ~1998.

Currently I own my own dojo and provide personal training to those like me with chronic back pain or injuries [I broke mine at T5,6,8, L5/S1]. I'll slowly introduce a few topics of conversation, and hopefully participate in others.

Glad to meet everyone.
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Re: Virtual Dojo Student Incoming

Post by emattson »

Welcome aboard. Always nice to have classes for people with chronic injuries, at least get them to move. Remember one man with a degenerative back injury (don't remember exactly what) who studied karate at the Mattson's Uechi-Ryu academy. He said he should be alright as long as he doesn't jump too hard, which will cause high impact on his spine. The "Uechi-ryu Online Kyohon" -> "Special Needs" section is a great place to contribute topics about chronic back pain or injuries.

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