"The title is "Explosive Uechi-ryu" and the moderator is Arthur Rabesa. Art will be exploring the power contained in Uechi-ryu that is not appreciated by the average practitioner. Make no mistake - this forum is for the serious martial artist and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who really wants to tap his or her explosive power potential.

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I really do not know how many more posts I'll be doing on this forum. However, this is something I'd like to express. Because I've been around forever, I managed to absorb a few things. The many personalities in our teachers. The many ways Uechi Ryu is interpreted. We fall back on our traditional roots for the "way" of teaching Uechi Ryu. That's the "pattern" to follow for us. We begin there.
Because we are all different in how we see things, we do not actually instruct the same. The final product is Uechi Ryu, but many take a different path in getting there. Now here's the thing. It is solely up to the practitioner as to the final outcome. Everything works; it's up to how it is perfected. Please do not misinterpret my meaning here. When a promotional is observed, it is clear when a mistake is made. Form is also a key issue in grading.
When I question a teacher about the way something is taught, I simply wish to know their understanding. I'm not correcting their teaching. When I am a guest at a Uechi Ryu school, I will never correct anything. I simply want to see how students are performing. When I demonstrate, it's only to show how I see it.
With hard work, a practitioner can perfect whatever is taught them. As long as it is strong and flows easily, it gets my approval.
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I like seeing many different personalities in teachers because the students too have many different personalities. Their differences allow the students to find the dojo that best fits their needs, skill level and temperament. For instance, one may like a boot camp, no frills, old style class, while another enjoy the dojo with dance music, emotional intelligence sensei. They're all good as long as they learn enough to pass Dantest.

“Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.”
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