the verbal reality, words can ruin the fight

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the verbal reality, words can ruin the fight


Hi everyone. I have been a visitor and thought I'd try being a member. For my 2 cents. I make my guys drill in 3 ways. One is for the fluid movement, 2 is for power, and 3 is for the most realistic way we can.

One of the ways I like to make things realistic is verbally. I have taught a few seminars where the people are pros in a field, however, they are not used to the verbal assualt that is part of reality.

for example. A few months ago I was being contacted to go to businesses and lay out a plan for them as many employees were being let go and the company along with workers were getting death threats. Bad economy makes bad choices. At almost every business there was atleast one blackbelt. Many thought they had all the training they needed. I won't go into my methods but I think the point of verbal training is valid here. I had many who would tell me that they would just take the gun from anyone who wanted to shoot up the place. So I let them demonstrate. Of course holding a rubber gun with my extended arm and a pleasant face they accomplished thier task. Next I would demonstrate a more real scene. I asked if they were ready and when they were, I started with a casual walk up to them and then a very mean and determined face along with a string of profanity. Many broke down and cried, others just froze, and most everyone watching was outraged at the language.

without getting into gender and who did what, the point is what works in the dojo is very different from the actual encounter.

So one of my drills is to be as real as possible. Since I have LEO's and EP agents as students, the reality is easy to find.

as for power, it is 2 fold, the student delivering it practices but the one taking it also practices taking the hits.

before anyone goes off about hitting eachother, there is the safe way with a flat fist and avoiding vital spots and then the idiot way of just letting it fly.
We get soar but not injured.

speed is not going to do anything without power,
power without speed is not to worthy
but neither is worth anything if you can't take the hits and perform in a real situation

rubber is easy to eliminate. we use real knives, real guns,
class is always focused and safe,

thanks for your time.
I look foward to reading more of your posts
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Your pardon sir


Well, this sounds excellent-but the point of the forum is to tap your wisdom as to a specific drill, or drills that you use.

As for myself, I can't think of a firearm I would chance damaging by have it bounce of a floor.

To use a firearm in such a manner would violate the NRA and, by implication, this states law on firearms handling, as well as my sensibilities..

That shows you my priorities.

I would no more use a real "piece" in a driale that a real katana in Seisan BunKai. It would not want to scratch it or mess it up, as I said, my priorities are a trifle 'different".

Having said all that-no disrespect intended-there are plenty of metal non firing pieces available.

However, if the person in question is beyond arms or lunge's reach, I might be inclined to hand over the cash.

Fred Sensei will tell you in Iiado study, that his master does not even allow steel blades, but only the type of aluminum blades of which he approves.

We do spar a bit with padded pvc Bos-in the same conceptual thrust as our empty hand two man sets. We have not done the same with the Shinai, because we have no one to teacj us Iado forms, But Perhaps Fred Sensei might help us .

Finally, my ego is such that even after 32 years of Karate, 20 years of T'ai Chi and Chi Na, and some years practicing one TC "Gim" form with various live blades-I would neveer efer label myself a member of any "elite."

But -everyone to his own, and if you have and specific drill or technigniques you want to share-you are very very welcome to do so.

As for speed-it is king, and relaxation leads to it in most practices to wit, the arm muscles do not tense, until the hand turns over and/or the target is struck.

I had a bit of fun in the "Cowboy Shoots" ()SASS-single actiion pistols, hamered pumshotguns or vintage type doubles and pistol caliber rifles, and, with the time limits, the object is to hit the target.

One gentleman rushed a bit before ltting his weapons re center after recoil, an "lo" a bullet (from a weapon using jacket ammo at over 1000 fps---which is not allowed) and raather ruined the fun for us all by putting a JHP over the drop zone.

So the range is closed.

"All Enlightenment Gratefully Accepted"
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Re: the verbal reality, words can ruin the fight

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"what works in the dojo is very different from the actual encounter."

Agree. When getting stressed, it becomes almost impossible to get the mind working straight to take the appropriate action. One sensei commented that freezing under stress is a natural reaction to prevent a hungry predator from spotting any movements when hunting.

“Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.”
- John Adams
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