Need help escaping submission hold

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Need help escaping submission hold

Post by W.J.C. »

Here's the hold in question. . . .

You're lying flat on your stomach with one arm "chicken-winged" behind your back. You know, in that classic "say Unkle" type fashion.

My question at first is not how to prevent yourself from falling into such an unfortunate position, but rather once you're in it, how do you get out?

And if there are any tips on how to not be muscled into such a position, I'd like to here those too.
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Post by JoeLauzon »

This is kind of a broad question. Its basically saying, "How do I get away from someone holding my arm?"

But how are tyhey holding you down? Ill try to answer this as generally as possible. If they are holding your right arm behind your back, I would do the following...

1. Put all your weight to your chest and shoulders, and try to get to your knees.

2. Once on your knees, turn your body to the right, so your weight is on more of your left shoulder.

3. Now take the weight off your knees, and put it on y7our feet, So you now have a 3 point base (your shoulder and your two feet).

4.Switch your feet, so that your left leg goes under your right. You should now be on your rear end, but your arm should be free from behind your back.

Its kinda hard to explain the important transition with your feet, Ill try to get pictures.
--Joe Lauzon
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