This months Black Belt Mag

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Raffi Derderian
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This months Black Belt Mag

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Hi all,
I just wanted to drop a quick message here about this months BB Mag. One of my teachers, Hock Hochheim, is on the cover. He has a pretty decent article in there. It deals with street self defense, but everything he says applies to all martial artists.
Comments are welcome here if anyone reads it. (he even talks about drills and such so maybe it can spark yet another discussion about pre-arranged sets :lol:
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Hello there...
I thought Mr. Hochheim's article was very well written. And although his methodollogies are tailored to the Armed services (police, millitary, and let's not forget school teachers), his insights are of great benefit to the martial arts community at large.
One thing that is universal in the martial arts is that we all get into them for different reasons. But using the old way for writing the Japanese characters for the term "bu", part of those reasons become clear... To stop violence. Mr. Hochheim brings out an excellent point in that many "training halls" spend a great deal of focus on things that are "family oriented." They spar like kickboxers, instead of using the techniques that they train, they claim to be a martial art and yet focus almost entirely on the action sports aspect ( tournament MA). Now before i start getting an overabundance of challenege matches and hate mail... I think these aspects of the martial arts are good. They promote the arts to the general public and can open the door to get some one into a lifestyle that could greatly enrich their lives.
However, I am inclined to agree with Mr. Hochheim on the basis of his overall point. Real fighting ( not UFC in a cage with rules...REAL fighting). is nasty, unchoreagraphed, and savage. I think ( hear that y'all, an opinion...mine, that I am not pushing on anyone 8O ) that more focus should be drawn onto the MaRtIaL part of the martial arts. Also...not enough attention is paid to the results of ones actions. You break some ones arm with that new tehcnique that you leared.... are you prepared for the results of that action ( questions from the poilce... the knowledge that the assailant is going to have to spend months in a cast and then months more in therapy...)
I think that the article raises a lot of questions, and, answers a few as well. Very glad that the dojo where i train has the magazine on sale in the lobby .

Thanx for the minute
fight the good fight
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