How much $$$ do you spend on blades?

Lots of interest in this subject and much to learn. Where to train - Whats legal in your state - Where to get information!
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Raffi Derderian
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How much $$$ do you spend on blades?

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Just curious. I am not one to carry an expensive knife. Mostly because a cheap one works as well for self defense as an expensive one. Also because I don't want to lose an expensive knife.
What do you all carry/own??
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David Kahn
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I almost exclusively carry a cheapo utility folder. Like Raffi said, I'd hate to lose an expensive knife. Plus, if I go somewhere where they are doing searches, and I forgot to leave it at home, I don't mind tossing it in the garbage. (Raf taught me that trick.)

A few years ago, Menards (a midwest building supply place, like Home Depot) had a closeout on small, black folders with a built-in, red LED light. They were selling them for $2 to $3 depending on the store. I went to as many Menards as I could & bought them all up (about 20 of them). It's been about 3 years & I'm only on my third one. (I tossed one at a function where they were using metal detectors & one broke after years of abuse.) They have even survived countless trips through the washing machine (I'm a knucklehead).

If I'm a bit more dressed up, I sometimes carry a Smith & Wesson SWAT tactical folder (about $35) because it's slimmer & can be worn more unobtrusively.

I totally agree with Raffi's point about using an expensive knife vs. a cheap one. If you are trained well, both are effective. For me, I can make do with a ballpoint pen or a credit card.
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I carry a Delica , I use it a lot for work , not incredibly pricey but not cheap , and I can justify carrying it because of my job

I ams who I am

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I understand the concepts around carring a disposable blade, but have no intention of disposing of one.

When I skied a lot I had my rock ski's, my teaching ski's. my cruisers and my racers.The theory was the old beater boards were to be used in marginal snow conditions. Every year I ended the season with a perfectly good pair of teaching ski's and my crusiers and racers had evolved into rock ski's or worse. Because I never clicked into the rock ski's. I always took the good boards for a ride. I did manage to teach on the same pair of teaching ski's for five years.[insert the ho/hum icon here]At one point I had eight pair of rock ski's that I never used.

I suspect I'd be the same way with a disposable knife. I purchase and carry a piece of steel because I enjoy it's characteristics or feel.I spent some time working as a chef and some time in a trapping family.......I am fond of quality blades.

Today I make my living with several vehicles........I refuse to work on them with crap tools. My tool box is also fond of quality steel snap on. My pockets prefer to be filed with good steel as well.

I'm Canadian and can carry steel just about any where. Metal detectors are pretty much limited to airports in this country. It's hard to imagine throwing away a blade to gain acess to any building in Canada,except airports and prison. I''m pretty much free to carry most folders.

I presently carry a pair of Spyderco Salsa's. They have many limitations but the blade length makes them acceptable in many places.I don't like the lack of back cut and butt striking offered by these blades but they are familiar and work well in my hands.

I don't think I'll throw one away, they are old friends. I have a few new knives on order and have been waiting for them to arrive.

I'm fond of the spanish S shape in knives and am waiting for my new Emmerson Persian tactical folder. Longer cutting surface, good back cut and good butt end strikes.........I suspect the salsa will get retired.

The la griffe will also arrive shortly and may also become an EDC.

Point is I can use a pen or rusty spike but I am who I am......I know I'll carry the best tools I own cause I enjoy working with good tools.

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I carry around a small kershaw sometimes. It's a $40 knife.
I also have a $2.00 flea market find but the Kershaw is a lot nicer.
I don't go anywhere metal detectors are so I don't worry.
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I am gonna have to go with the general feel of the room. I have a Gerber easy-out (40 $)that I carry everywhere with me. It is especially usefull at work for cutting cardboard and the generous blade length (3 1/8th) is big enuff get through a jacket in a self defense situation, yet it is not so big as to be illeagal.

The other great thing about the blade that I carry is that you can find it in any industrial supply catalog. Should i have to use it to defend myself, I won't have to worry about going to court and trying to defend the fact that i stabed someone with the "Tactical elite commando folder."

Those guys that carry folders for 200$ or more... although the knives are well made... Loose it or break it and you feel a great sense of loss. For me... I just go and get the next knife in the drawer...

Thanx for the minute...
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I personally carry 3 7/8" Timberline Wortac knife. It's designed for a fencer style grip as oppose to having the knife situated vertically. The handle is shaped so you don't have to worry about your hand slipping onto the blade.

As for needing to dispose of a weapon, I don't see myself in that position. If I'm going to a place that I can't bring it with me I will most likely have warning. If I'm going to an airport, courthouse, hospital, etc., the policy is already understood. Some hospitals may not care about a pocket knife, but are basically safe places anyway. Not a bad idea about being ready to ditch a blade though.
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It all depends on some things being evident!

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I won't take valuable and historical and special knives around with me these days for obvious and evident reasons. Also, knives given to me by certain persons, such as Kelly Worden or Felix Valencia,etc. I will not carry about to have confiscated by well-meaning fools and servants of the public bent on making all life risk-free. Moreover, some knives, from cheap 88-cent jackknives to 99c folders(Chinese-made) are useful to carry in place of expensive,well-made knives, but you need a large number to be effective. You can throw these about as well and do a lot of damage,etc. Cheap shurikan/shaken are also available and easy to carry as well for similar purposes.

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most of the knives i would carry are in the $100- $150 range. i can honestly say i have never lost a knife. i dont mean to "knock" anyone but would you lose a gun? i did once lose a lock back "buck knife" years ago while fishing but found it the next day retracing my steps. i have had that knife since i was 8 years old. i personaly dont like the less expensive QVC type knives. i cant get myself to trust the locking system or the durability. the last thing i would want is a knife that while trying to defend myself snaps or gives out to cut my own hand. on the more realistic side if i am using it to cut everyday stuff thats all the more likely it wont hold up to my daily usage and will give out. i guess it's not the price but the quality that counts.
being in the construction trades i belive in buying the best you can afford and taking good care of it for many years.

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