My favorite natural dojo

The dojo to many is a place of beauty, where the daily ritual of working out takes place. Do you have a special place where you work out? A special design you created that gave the dojo its personality and in the process gives you the inspiration to put a little more into your workout? Share your secrets here.

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My favorite natural dojo

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"Perhaps the most awesome display of the tides on our planet occurs at Cape Split, on the southern side of the entrance to Minas Basin (Cape Split may be reached by a pleasant two-hour walk along a popular hiking trail from the village of Scots Bay, which is a 30-minute drive north of Wolfville). Here at the time of the mid-point of an incoming tide, for a considerable distance the forest on the towering cliffs is filled with a hollow roar produced by the turbulence of the waters surging over the submarine ridges below. The currents exceed 8 knots (4m/s), and the flow in the deep, 5 km-wide channel on the north side of Cape Split equals the combined flow of all the streams and rivers of Earth (about 4 cubic kilometres per hour). Three hours later the spectacle pauses, and then begins flowing in the opposite direction.

Nova Scotia bends when the tide comes in!! As 14 billion tonnnes (14 cubic kilometres) of sea water flow into Minas Basin twice daily, the Nova Scotia countryside actually tilts slightly under the immense load!"

I never felt the shift while doing kata there :wink: Next week rain or shine I will be spending the day once again on the field above. May bike in to save an hour travel time if trail not too grown in.
I do my best kata there, my next rank...may I be tested there please?
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You have no idea how much I miss NS these days!

I have to be content with practicing on a quiet area of the beach here...

This is my popular place for me to practice 'evasive' Sanchin...that is stepping around beer cans, broken bottles, puke, etc.....

Just a quite day on a South Korean beach; oh and you might notice how most people are fully clothed....helps with the drownings....

Best Regards;
Scott Taylor
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