How this new format will work

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How this new format will work

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I've received many email from people this morning, about the Newsletter I mailed out yesterday. Everyone seems quite pleased with the new direction of the forums, including our hard working moderators. To help clarify the purpose of the Online Kyohon and how material will be generated, please read the following instruction:

How the Uechi-ryu Online Kyohon will function:
This section will become the repository of the best of the best "threads" and posts found in the regular Discussion sections.

The moderators of each section will be in charge of selecting the very best "threads" and posts in their forums and will "copy" them (edited if necessary) to the Online Kyohon section. The moderators will edit the topic heading, if necessary, to make it easy to identify during a search by readers.

Remember the purpose of the Online Kyohon:

To provide a library of relevant Uechi-ryu information of interest to the Uechi-ryu community specifically and the martial art community generally. The focus will be on quality material, not quantity. It is expected that this section will become very popular with people who are looking for technical, historical and helpful information pertaining to what I call "Traditional" Uechi-ryu, or the "Art of Uechi-ryu"; An art that happens to use self-defense movements.

Subjects that relate to Uechi-ryu, but are based on personal and subjective interpretations of the "art" of Uechi-ryu are also of interest to the Uechi community, but if included in this section, the post/article must not infer any special self-defense "gifts" that make the poster's brand of Uechi superior to another's. In other words. . . the information provided here will focused on the kind of instruction found in traditional dojo on Okinawa and throughout the world.

I hope this new format will provide a fresh and objective view of our Uechi-ryu to new students and people who are genuinely interested in learning about the art of Uechi-ryu while also hosting many forums for all the interesting discussions where people can talk about their "personal" interpretations, speculation and recommendations regarding the study and teaching of our style.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to email me. Meanwhile, please be patient while the moderators work on culling through thousands of posts to find the very best of the best to be included here.
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