The Healing Power of Martial Arts

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The Healing Power of Martial Arts

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What can we do upon injury to minimize the "after-effects" of the injury and accelerate the healing process with our knowledge of martial arts?

The answer is really quite simple...If we can disrupt the flow of Qi through an action, then we can also assist in normalizing or re-balancing the Qi which has been "disrupted" through some form of inharmonious contact with the body.

How can I make such a statement and by doing so, how can this be backed up by practical information and application.

First and foremost, we replicate ourselves in unlimited ways. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) which truly includes all of the variations, Chinese, Korean, Japanese...etc, there exists one common set of principles: " Pain in the body exists through the blockage of Qi and or Blood." Through the normal movement of Qi and Blood, pain will not exist. This is the case with not only blunt trauma but also strain and sprain, or by disruptive living practices. By locating a corresponding area of the body and providing information which aids in the reestablishment of the proper flow of Qi and Blood, the related tissues will respond....This is the one fundamental understanding consistent with all systems of TCM

Let's ponder this one for awhile....
Learn to use the oriental micro-systems & heal.
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