Sword fighting

Lots of interest in this subject and much to learn. Where to train - Whats legal in your state - Where to get information!
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Sword fighting

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I'm a novice martial arts exponent and I'm learning hand and leg techniques so I am knowledgeable enough to learn a weapon. Particularly the sword. I'm interested to know the different styles of sword fighting there are. All I know is the Chinese Tai chi that I heard to be focused on dexterity and adaptable to to any situation. The Japanese style in regards to samurai that focus on speed, power and execution. I would like some opinions and comparisons of the styles because it will help me make a decision to choose the style I will study. But I know there are a lot of practioners out there that are biased and therefore will give me an inaccurate opinion. I feel if someone is to give a weakness of a style at least say a strength of it. Your help is much appreciated to me.

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Sword fighting

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I'm not sure that I'm the expert to talk to ROFL...
Filipino arts are "bastardised" old style Spanish sword fighting..with regional elements thrown in. ( I say that with the highest respect..I teach and study these arts!)
Filipino Martial Arts are one way to learn Sword arts that you can actually apply or translate into today's selfdefense situations...
I think if I was going to concentrate on Sword ..as a sword based art, I'd go find one of those groups that teaches Medieval or Renaissance Sword work..and I'd personally concentrate on Sword and Dagger work..
John Clements has two fantastic books on both ways of Sword combat published by PALADIN Press...www.paladin-press.com
I think he teaches a bit @ the Historical Armed Combat Association in Houston Texas..
Paladin Press also has newly translated texts with the original drawings ( no photos in use back then!LOL) on the use of Swords from the Medieval & Early Elizabethan periods...
They also have videos on the use of these period pieces by Hank Reinhardt,,His "Myth of the Sword" Video covers everything from Japanses Katanas to Medieval Broadswords..their myth & fantasy of usage and then he shows the true ways of usage...its a great video..
Hank has a company that researches and makes replicas of swords and the training programs for alot of museums world wide!
You might want to go to a few knife shows and check out some of the museum quality replica sword sets made today and see if the swords speak to you..maybe the feel of one or the other will point you in the correct direction...

I personally like the use of ranges, the use of unequal length edged tools and the ability to use space around you as a tool.
And I like in your face blade work...

I love the period of cut and Thrust swords before it truly becomes a rapier..
because I love the use of the edge and its combative applications but I've come to appreciate the use of the point.
And it gives me a chance to apply what I've learned in the Filipino arts and to further understand the roots of the movements...

I hope that helps...


PS: I have several custom makers making me Filipino Style Swords..Modern Arnis "sword" is a Bolo...with accompanying knives...

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if you wish to learn more there isa wonderful fourm
www. swordfourm.com
many knowledgable peopl there who can point you to peole and books and where to get actual useable weapons
My boot your head. Do I need to make the conection?
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"'People will lie to you. Yours eyes will deceive you. Steel never lies, nor deceives, nor hides bitter reality. In the sword, you can find truth'- from Kakita's the Sword"
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