Uechi and Grappling

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Norm Abrahamson
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Uechi and Grappling

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How do any of you folks integrate grappling skills with Uechi? Although both Nihon Ju Jitsu and Uechi Ryu are taught in our dojo, they are done in different classes at different times. There is some overlap such as the "down" bunkais developed by Mike Murphy. For the past several months, for the last 15-25 minutes of my class I try to work on self defense drills stemming from Uechi kata, bunkai and kumite. One example is that I will have the class do Kanshiwa Bunkai, but the attacks may be anything, as long as they come from the same direction as the formal bunkai. That includes attempted grabs, headlocks, chokes, etc. The tore should react appropriately to the attack and not be a slave to the block and counter in the formal bunkai. It is interesting to see students go from flailing, to taking the principles of the bunkai and applying them to different attacks. This leads to opportunities to instruct students that they were in an excellent position for a particular throw or lock.

I am looking for input on what other folks do.

Norm Abrahamson
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You've answered your own question Norm.

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Put something together as Mike has done with his "down" bunkai.

Be creative. Explore and experiment. Let us know what you've come up with.
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Mike's bunkais are great I've done them. Van has a number of drills that the takedowns attach to. I've just noticed them lately coming out naturally as a follow up to counterstrikes. Blame the Randori in Judo!
Funny thing is I notice techniques which I usually don't use that successfully in randori or competition. Osoto gari, kosoto gari, o'ouchi gari and the related throws. I think because of the way people pull back as a reaction to the Uechi grab or pulled head strike. Dan Kumite is another great place to try different things, especially with your tatami mats in Randolph.
I'd like to see how you guys use the wrist locks and related techniques in association with Uechi, good stuff.
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