Have fun and be nice

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Have fun and be nice

Postby Bill Glasheen » Mon May 03, 1999 7:26 pm

We have a saying in my business. An expert is a person from out of town with slides. I am going to Phoenix to be an expert at a conference.

I'm glad to see that the forum is settling down to real issues. Enjoy!! Keep it nice!!
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Bill Glasheen
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Have fun and be nice

Postby Igor Prasnikar » Tue May 04, 1999 6:55 am

Dear Bill,

I wish you all the success at Phoenix and I hope you have not forgotten any of your slides to take with you.

Your friend Igor
To those who are still in disbelief that I am some kind of right-hand Dracula's assistant I
assure you once again and Mr.mattson may confirm that:
1.I have apologized to Bill in a private e-mail
2.Bill accepted my apology
3.Above said is my sincere wish to someone I believe he is an expert in his field (and he is not going to teach karate in Phoenix..just a healty joke a miss so much on this forums)

May I confine you that I have promised Bill that I shall not allow anybody to make some "funny remarks" about unfortunate incident and that I take over my RESPONSIBILITY for my actions VERY SERIOUSLY so I shall from now on DEFEND his good name. All the "lurking predators" out there are welcome to challenge me, BUT this time, you may use any word weapons under no rules (although I think Mr.Mattson and Dr.X would still prefer that conversation would as far as the language is concerned be conveyed on gentleman's level).

I for sure will not demonstrate any STREET REHERSAL as one was more than enough and you as I sad may come forward with any question.

This I would like to do for TWO REASONS ONLY:

1. AS a good friend of Bill, not allow that his forum would not lead on the TOP list of the hits,
2. Give a chance to everybody who felt offended during this couple of last days, to again say to me what he thinks about all this or any other subject.

I hope my offer will be accepted.


Igor Prasnikar
Igor Prasnikar
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Have fun and be nice

Postby Igor Prasnikar » Tue May 04, 1999 7:05 am

Dear Forumers (Ladies & Gentlemen),

I must CORRECT myself rightaway (you see how quick one can learn a lesson).
I have just checked the other thread and I DECLARE RULES OF MY CONTEST (which Mr.Mattson has strongly adviced to me to use in the future):

1. Each of you may ask me as many questions she/he wishes so BUT ONLY ONE repeat ONLY ONE QUESTION at the time.

Otherwise we shall be completely lost and we shall arrive nowhere (I can't remember, god damn it, who said there before me. Does anyone know? I offer my two cents for correct answer !!! COME ON FOLKS)
Igor Prasnikar
Posts: 47
Joined: Wed Mar 03, 1999 6:01 am
Location: Kranj, Slovenia

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