Regional Workout II

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Regional Workout II

Postby mikemurphy » Thu Jul 22, 1999 3:12 am

To all,

I am working on setting the date for the first Saturday in October. Does anyone know of anything that will be conflicting if I go ahead and solidify this date?

Yours in Budo,

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Regional Workout II

Postby Raffi Derderian » Thu Jul 22, 1999 4:11 am

Mike Sensei,
Saturday's are especially hard for me to get away. It is my busiest day in the dojo, especially when the weather gets cooler. Although I am probably in the minority, how about a little feedback from everyone about Sunday as a day for the regional workouts??
Raffi Derderian
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Regional Workout II

Postby T Rose » Thu Jul 22, 1999 1:39 pm

Sundays have been traditionally hard. It is a family day for most people. Try to stay with Saturday. It the most busy day for most dojo but with enough lead time, most of us can work around it. The workout is focused on the students so saturday shouldn't effect them as much as teachers, although we teachers can't wait for the next workout either!

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Regional Workout II

Postby mikemurphy » Fri Jul 23, 1999 3:14 am


I have to agree with Tracy Sensei on this one. My busiest day at the dojo is also on Saturday (as Sensei Mattson can attest because I can never attend his class). However, with this type of event, practically the whole dojo will be attending the workout, just as if it was the class at the dojo. I haven't got the day solidified yet, but if there is not too many objections then I will go ahead with reserving the gym and let everyone know.

Yours in budo,

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Regional Workout II

Postby gjkhoury » Fri Jul 23, 1999 3:26 am


Just a thought:

I spoke with Tracy-sensei before his event; how about a Thurs. or Friday night?

Everyone trains in the evening, anyway, and who knows, maybe we can even go out for a rootbeer or two afterwards?

Personally, I hate cancelling kids classes Saturdays (or any other day!). Of course, I will for this event, but I'd rather cancel the adults and then invite the whole crew to the workout.

Just a suggestion, but a viable one? I don't know.

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Regional Workout II

Postby gmattson » Fri Jul 23, 1999 1:25 pm

There is never a perfect time to do anything Mike. Personally, I'd prefer an eventing as well. But for special events such as your workout, we should all try to make it a success, and support it 100%.

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Regional Workout II

Postby Gary Santaniello » Sat Jul 24, 1999 4:59 am

I believe that having an evening regional workout may help some not have to close on saturday however, many would not be able to attend due to the "traffic hours" and distance. Many work jobs until 5 Imageo or 6:pm. Making it most difficult if not impossible to attend.

I think that with enough notice, most could get dojo coverage or close for the "occassional" gathering. I am sure that there would be a few whom could not.
I believe that saturday would be best.

As Sensei Mattson mentions, there is no
perfect time to do anything. Unfortunately i was unable to attend the last regional workout due to family matters but i certainly plan to attend the next.

Being a distance from many good schools and insructors make it most difficult to visit eachother. After camp i hope to contact many of you and get to visit your dojos.

As Mike Murphy had mentioned in a post he wrote, not many people take up on the opportunity to visit other dojo's. I would hope that we are all welcome to eachother, especially as seniors and instructors. I am sure that there are those whom prefer "no visitors", however i hope that they are few.

Being located in the South Shore of Boston, i find listed about 12 to 14 dojo's in a traveling radious. I will be calling some of you after summer camp and look foward towards working out with some of you whom i have only heard of but never met.

Best to all!

Gary S.
Gary Santaniello
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Regional Workout II

Postby Van Canna » Sat Jul 24, 1999 11:30 am


You wrote " I am sure that there are those whom prefer "no visitors", however i hope that they are few."

It's like the ones who will not support summer camp or will not interact on these pages! The majority of the Uechi/Shohei world doesn't even really know they exist anymore!

And Who in hell needs them anyway !!

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Regional Workout II

Postby Allen M. » Sat Jul 24, 1999 11:54 am

These workouts are much longer and require additional stamina than the regular ones. Could be that a weekend morning would be best as many will not be run-down from a full day of work and fighting traffic.

Just a thought. Anyway, whatever the time/date, there are ten of us chomping at the bit to attend.

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Allen M.

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