Dan Kumite "perceptions" of insults

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Dan Kumite "perceptions" of insults

Postby gmattson » Tue May 04, 2004 1:03 pm

I thought we might all learn something about our readers by starting a thread here relating to the perceived insults that the majority of Uechi folk feel when they read comments "dissing" elements of their training. I keep hammering away that it is not necessary to say things that insult other people's way of training in order to inform them of what you feel is a better way. Some people feel it is necessary to "shock" in order to get their attention.

There is certainly lots of ways to "shock" without insulting those who chose another way or practice for other purposes. First and formost, such behavior violates the rules of these forums.

I appreciate the fact that Laird has acknowledged that he wasn't attempting to insult anyone and removed the offending comments from Van's forum. I hope he doesn't mind my discussing them here so that we might all learn something about the new art of "word conflict" as it pertains to posting.

Personally, I don't give a damn what anyone says about me, my training or Uechi-ryu. I've been insulted and backstabbed by experts for many years and I'm still as fiesty and cantankerous as ever and I intend to stay that way. So if anyone wants to continue dissing certain aspects of Uechi-ryu, feel free to send me a PM or email. I love hate mail! :)

I welcome all comments and opinions on this subject. This is the forum to air our feelings. I'll try to check in as often as possible during my travels. --- Be nice --- GEM

Looks like someone has immortalized Dan Kumite in Art.
I didn't think anyone would find that comment offensive George. I posted a week ago and have heard nothing. If you find it personally offensive let me know and I'll delete the comment.

Note: I don't find anything offensive about that comment Laird. GEM

Much different than the run away drills in robot ryu.

Principles explored vs an expression of fear. Run away run away.........killer bunnies and all
After rereading my last post I can see how some people practicing these types of drills might be offended. I didn't mention Uechi drills in particular, but I'll delete my original post so as not to offend. Thanks for the heads up GEM. I will work on choosing my words more wisely in future posts. This has always been a flammable topic, I should be cognizant of that when posting.

I really don't think remarks like those above will turn us away from Dan Kumite
George it is not my intention to turn anyone from their path. It's neither my job nor my interest. I figure people are free to explore what ever training regime they choose. I am at least as I belong to no organization and do not have to submit to the wishes of a governing body. I've always felt that the IKUF was very progressive for promoting and allowing its membership to cross train. I am not here to try and influence what is contained in someone else’s curriculum, I could careless.

Why not just tell us about the Sinawali "prearranged" drills?
This probably would have been the wisest course of action. I some times permit my intense dislike for prearranged work to color my posts. I apologize to any who may have been offended, water under the bridge now.
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Postby Stryke » Tue May 04, 2004 2:40 pm

was hyperbole - literary license meant to make a dramatic point

People use humour and exaggeration to make there points and it can be taken the wrong way , I was a victim of this kind of highjacking on Bills forum .

I personally dont beleive we can avoid anything potentially offensive and still communicate , maybe we need to grow thicker skin , myself included .

what one considers innocent can be a potential flame for others , what viable alternatives do we have to make our points ? .

Make points

Postby gmattson » Wed May 05, 2004 11:21 am

without direct or indirect insults.

This is forum that is frequented primarily by Uechi-ryu practitioners. They take their training very seriously, whether for pure self defense or other reasons.

When someone insults what they do with serious or humorous but biting comments, people take offense.

Therefore I made a rule early on, Posters will not pass judgement or insult what other practioners do in their training. You can tell people that you don't like something; you can tell them what you prefer doing; you can quote experts, but don't insinuate with snide comments that anyone who disagrees with you is delusional, stupid or mindless. . . People who elect to follow another Uechi path will rightfully be pissed!
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