Schools and tolerances

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Schools and tolerances

Postby LeeDarrow » Mon Mar 31, 2003 5:54 pm

More and more, schools are adopting a zero tolerance stance with regards to weapons in schools. recently, a student was allegedly thrown out of school for having fencing gear in his locker - which he needed for a school fencing club meeting or somesuch.

I have heard reports of students being suspended for having a baseball bat in their locker when they are members of the school's baseball team!

What, if anything, have any of you out there heard about uch suspensions for students in schools that are also martial artists?


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Postby Tao » Thu Oct 07, 2004 1:01 am

I can't say that I heard anything about students being suspended for taking martail arts.
I think that there are alot of unnessary suspenssions in schools these days.
When I was in school I recall getting into a fight or two or three in front of the main office, the princeipal would come out watch for a bit than brake it up. We'd go into the office and it would be settled there and then.
Now a days, if a couple of students whent at it in front of the office than the police would be called. Thats a little much, and I think that it causes more harm in the end. Now insted of the princeipal watching for abit than breaking it up, the kids take it out of the the school yard, and on to the streets. Theres rarely anyone there to brake it up, and these kids who are fighting are pretty emotional, alot more harm is likely to happen.
Some kid gets his ass kicked goes home(dosen't tell his perants) gets emotional about it, than brings a gun to school the next day.

If schools didn't start freaking out over fist fights, thay wouldn't have to worry about that kid on the baseball team with a bat in his locker.
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Postby KerryM » Tue Oct 26, 2004 8:56 pm

Up in the Lakes Region of NH- there was quite a scuffle so to speak- over a student being featured in his High School Year book with his gun- which was un loaded and I don't have a better word so I'll say- not loaded- (the gun area where you put the bullets was opened and hanging over his sholder-

Now I started asking this same question up here because we have a student who received his black and had his senior picture in his gi in a stance-

to me if you were going to raise a stink about the gun- you needed to raise a stink about the uniform- because a martial artist doesn't even NEED a weapon to be lethal- you know?

Please note I think both are silly- the student should have been allowed to have his gun obviously un loaded - and there shouldn't be a problem with the uniform/black belt either-

I thought the two didn't work together either-

How can you allow a black belt to have his senior picture in the year book- "as a black belt" and NOT allow someone who is part of special groups (not associated with the school) to show that interest-

Anyone ever come up with anything? :)

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