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As mentioned before on several occasions, the use, in the military or out, and or the right to own and carry military related firearms.

Norm was nice enough to provide is with the Mass. Citations with respect to the "unorgagnized militia" which authorizees the 'callup' of able bodied men (sorry ladies-and old statute) from those under 55.

It is implied (also quoted in my piece that Norm wrote) that members of the unorganized mitilia would have the right to own and carry military type firearms.

The imporantce of this statuce has been somewhat overshadowed in that the said Militia is not specifically authorised to own ad maintain 'destructive devices" (ie: explosives and military arms over .50 cal...)

In several recent and not so recent canmpaigns in the past 3 centuries and spanning the globe "parstisan' (guerrilla) campaigns have contributed mightily to the eventual victory to the side supported by the Partizan campaign.

The partizan armies were, to some extent, pretrained and prearmed on an ad hoc basis and futherther armed themselves by the capture of heavy weapons from the "regular" forces of the opponent.

Senator Kennedy once said that "victory in future wars will be dependent on SS 9, Atlas, Minuteman and Polaris missles, and NOT by the proficiency of the individiual with his personal weapons".

This assertition has proved wildy inacurrate and the compfortable settleing down of the American people behind a perceived unstoppable Nuclear Hedghog has proving massively damaging to America's procescution of "Brush fire wars" in the past two centrury.

In some the failure of logistics and "fragging" reared ugly heads as was US training and mindset for the thousands of paramilitary and/or small unit military actions required to win a victory in conflicts where the forces brough to bear against us required the ability to deal with Partisan, Terror, seclular and religious civil conflict and the small and large unit actions arising therefrom.

More on this later-of course-I would like as much inpute as i can get before moving forward.
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