Whats a Gunt?

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Whats a Gunt?

Postby BRAM » Wed Aug 21, 2002 6:43 am

A Gunt is a motion..a motion used to trap & hit something between it..
a scissoring effect..
and within the meaning is the connotation of escalation in force..
and to attack what's nearest like the limbs..
and to escalate the targets..limb to head...

The Gunting is the motion applied..

Thats why I use the name for my knife..
Form one had Brush trap strike..but I saw Prof enter with a brushing of my biceps from the outside and a backhand from the inside BEFORE he started the Brush Trap strike..
When I asked..what he did...he showed me what we all know as the Gunting..
Form Two has a Gunting entry to start with ..

I was shown the entry with a Balisong and was amazed that it opened into a better srtiking tool and into a cutting tool as it moved into me..

Then I saw that he used it to get inside or outside as need be to do whatever he originally was going or thought to do..even if I screwed up and responded wrongly to his input...ROFL....

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Whats a Gunt?

Postby Gene DeMambro » Sun Aug 25, 2002 5:30 am

Mr. Bram,

Do we know definitively that your Gunting knife is legal in Massachusetts?

Are there jurisdictions where the Gunting knife is illegal? Where is it legal?

I'm thinking of getting one, and I want to make sure I don't get myslef into deep yogurt!

Gene DeMambro
Gene DeMambro
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Postby BRAM » Tue Dec 03, 2002 4:09 pm

Gene: sorry for the delay..
I've been out of touch..
The Gunting is a common pocket knife...its only got one edge..not even a false edge..no dirk or dagger here!
its less than three inches in blade length..( common pocket knife size for sure!)
Its not an inertia or gravity opener in any way shape or form..
I was told that Boston was enacting new city codes that all carry knives were to be less than 2.5 inches..OK if thats truly enacted..then the GUnting is not supposed to be carried in Boston City proper ....
Other than that its totally legal..
Why would I design an illegal knife? ROFL..
My Gunting is a common pocket knife that is capable of uncommon things..
Like using the whole force continuum..non lethal, less than lethal to lethal..Its the only edged tooldesigned to do that..

If you want a Gunting make sure you buy a DRONE to go with it for one needs a DRone to understand and safely utilize all the functions of a Gunting..
Unless you are like Mr Fuller who ONLY carries it as an EDC not a SDR tool..
( hey Hugh..see I got you mentioned!!!!)

be safe

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Postby Hugh » Wed Dec 04, 2002 8:39 pm

Hi, Gene and Bram. I have carried a Gunting as a utility EDC for some while. You see, I converted to being a Quaker some while back and, while I may have some difficulty with the Testimony to Non-Violence as it applies to national self-defense, since that choice also affects many milions of others, I have made that choice on a personal level. That said, I also have arthritis at a level sufficient to render defense without a weapon impossible and without a firearm very difficult, if you follow me. In any case, I chose a Gunting in January of 2001 as a utility blade based upon a gentleman from BladeForums allowing me to take one on trial. I found it to excel in that area simply because Bram had designed it with very large controls, including the hilt, sort of like those expensive ergonomic tools that you see in the very expensive catalogues that come out around this time each year. There seems to be at least one other over at BladeForums who carries a Gunting as a utility blade, or so he has posted recently, and I remember others doing the same in the past, so it isn't such a wierd idea, really.

The following is for any considering a Gunting for any reason but is mostly for the general public and not so much for the Martial Arts masters:

One word of warning: the guy who sold me the knife insisted that I buy the tape that Spyderco put out with it where BRAM shows off the knife's capabilities when used correctly AND ITS DANGERS IF MISUSED. This tape is very clear as to why they have a Red Drone version of the Gunting for practice workouts. I remember, and I bet Bram does, too, about all the damned fools who did not pay attention to the copious warnings about not trying Kinetic Openings on themselves or their friends and wound up in the hospital emergency room getting sewn up. Please, people, this is a serious tool and not a toy; it requires the same level of serious attention that any serious tool would require to keep it from biting. I also suggest that, unless you carry it in a holster in your pocket as many have decided to do, keep the pivot screw fairly tight, as the ramp can catch on things and start the blade to open in your pocket, even with the knife carrying tip down, and I assure you that you do not want this to happen. The easiest way to prevent it is to keep the pivot tight enough that you need effort to open the blade. This is not a bad idea in any case, as it makes the knife less likely to offend an "overly sensitive LEO" looking for a gravity blade. There are some clowns out there who have asked Sal Glesser of Spyderco to make the thing tip up carry and I shudder at the thought.
Trying to Walk in the Light, Hugh
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Gunting EDC

Postby Roshi » Fri Jan 17, 2003 9:54 pm

I recently purchased a Gunting and a Drone.

While I'm an experienced martial artist, I'm a neophyte at Fillipino arts and the Gunting.

I expect to use the Gunting as an EDC as I learn more about it's SD capabilities. It's very good for slicing fruit, opening packages, cutting rope, etc.

I can't imagine some one asking for tip up carry unless they intend to cut holes in themselves every time they draw it.
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