I visited another dojo...

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I visited another dojo...

Postby chernon » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:41 pm

Recently, I traveled to Washington, DC for a work conference. It's a long conference, and I knew I'd miss the dojo. Before I seriously considered how my hotel room would have to be my dojo-for-one, I got on Google, and found a DC dojo....a mere 2 miles from my hotel. Imagine my great surprise to discover that it was owned by someone I'd "met" here on Uechi-Ryu.com, during the period that she moderated this very forum! I emailed sensei/owners Dana Sheets and Donna Wieting, and quickly heard back from Ms. Sheets. I think I was more excited about visiting their dojo than going to the conference!

Thank you, Dana, (and really for all of the Uechi community) for welcoming me so warmly, and giving me a place to train and meet some karateka. I took home some great tips, and a wonderful appreciation for what this forum can do. Even while we are just internet acquaintances here, it is a wonderful thing to have secret friends scattered all over.

With gratitude,
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